You are never too young to be a Mentor!

I have never been a social media person but seeing how powerful media is, sometimes I wish as a student I had spent more time on a mobile than with my head buried in books!


I was travelling when I received an email with a name I recognised, it was a friend from school. This friend had somehow accepted my request to be a friend on Facebook……. but I was not on Facebook or so I thought. I had no idea what was going on and assumed that someone had hacked my emails and created a fake account. It was a day later and after over 20 friend’s requests that I received a text message from my 10 year old niece saying that she created a Facebook account so that we could keep in touch and I could connect to friends all over the world. She emailed me the log in and password with a sweet note saying that she would help me understand how all the features worked. I was shocked and at the same time relieved that someone had taken the initiative to do this for me. My niece explained to me how to use it, what tagging people meant and what sharing was for. Weeks later she introduced me to twitter and we started the whole educational process again. When I emailed her with a question she would text, answering my question and reassuring me that I didn’t have to worry because she knew I was going to be fine!


Mentoring is not necessarily something that only experienced people can do. Maybe my niece did not have the recognised skills of an experienced mentor, but she did coach and mentor me in her own unique way. I have ended up using social media extensively and successfully and enjoy it…although my mentor was only 10years old!


By Assia Riccio, Founder of Evolvin’ Women


Assia Riccio is the Founder of Evolvin’ Women, a unique and innovative online network designed for women in hospitality or aspiring to start a career in the industry with a wish to make a difference.


Assia is the former Learning and Development Manager at Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG) in Dubai, a division with a portfolio of 30 plus restaurants where she developed the L&D strategy for over 1000 employees.


Assia is a member of the advisory board committee for the Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique in Dubai as well as a member of the Dubai Women’s Business Council and Executive Women.


She works with several international non-profit organizations where she offers consultancy on women’s leadership and diversity in organization.