Shereen Shabnam


Contemporary elegance is the key to this season’s dressing at La Martina.Their fall/winter collection fuses craftsmanship with style so seamlessly making its accessory and footwear range a must-have in this season’s wardrobe.


The brand’s gorgeous accessory range defines this in the most amazing way. The fall/winter collection represents a pivotel moment in the history of La Martina style thanks to the fusion of tradition and latest trends – with a clear focus on accessories this season. As I prepare for my flight to Argentina this weekend, a quick stop at the La Martina store is putting me into the mood for Buenos Aires already.


The iconic Argentine boots Cortos make their return, but the leather and the materials they are made of are processed and ‘aged’ in accordance to a contemporary urban style. The nuances take the warm colours of the autumn and the earth, with a palette that goes from burgundy to forest green. But the hallmarks of the Cortos are still there: the central zipper, the elastic on the sideand the details of the embossed logo on the upper.


Alongside the iconic products that made the history of the brand, from the sportswear to the vintage world, over the years La Martina has developed a collection with an urban taste also suitable for formal occasions, a style that finds its highest expression in this new collection. The messenger bag, for example, is made of two-tone leather with contrasting stitching. The sides are enriched by the strap loop; the chrome metal details convey a strong contemporary feel.


A collection that celebrates craftsmanship while following a real common thread of technique, elegance and spirit that characterizes the polo.