Who is sitting on your “VISIBILITY BOARD”?

When women want to advance professionally, they essentially build a VISIBILITY BOARD, which is a trusted group of key people that is similar to a board of directors who mentor and sponsor them until they succeed. A person on his/her own is unlikely to have the knowledge, skills, or time required to guide and nurture you to reach your goals.


Mentoring is critical for women’s professional & personal development, because a mentor:
• Does not necessarily have to be in senior position, but even a junior with particular skills or knowledge.
• Provides both knowledge and emotional support and acts as a role model.
• That has the experience, knowledge, skills, and perspective that you seek.
• Strives to increase competence and inspires you.
• Provides career guidance.


Without mentoring, women are likely to miss opportunities. Without feedback, it is easy to make mistakes in self-analysis and to miss the benefits of advice, idea generation, bonding with people, and utilizing resources that are all important in an individual’s growth and development.


While Mentoring is critical for women’s professional development, sponsorship is critical for women’s professional advancement.


A sponsor:
• Is a senior manager with influence in the organization.
• Is someone who makes connections with leaders who can help your career.
• Advocates and supports for your next promotion.
• Calls in favors for you and would put their reputation in risk for you.
• Gives you challenging assignments and opportunities that helps you grow and expand your perception of what you can achieve
Without sponsorship, women are likely to be overlooked for promotion, regardless of their competence and performance, especially in mid-career, supervisory roles, and middle management when competition for promotion is the most desired.


By Assia Riccio, Founder of Evolvin’ Women
Assia Riccio is the Founder of Evolvin’ Women, a unique and innovative online network designed for women in hospitality or aspiring to start a career in the industry with a wish to make a difference.


Assia is the former Learning and Development Manager at Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG) in Dubai, a division with a portfolio of 30 plus restaurants where she developed the L&D strategy for over 1000 employees.


Assia is a member of the advisory board committee for the Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique in Dubai as well as a member of the Dubai Women’s Business Council and Executive Women.


She works with several international non-profit organizations where she offers consultancy on women’s leadership and diversity in organization.