Taif Al Emarat presents its iconic fragrances at the Foochia Event

Taif Al Emarat, a luxury perfume giant that houses the finest Oud and incenses from around the GCC, sponsors the landmark Foochia Event, graced by the presence of Lebanese artist and superstar, Rami Ayyash, and his wife and international fashion designer, Dalida Ayyash.


A must-visit for the modern Arab woman seeking out the best of the best in aesthetics and style, Foochia is a lifestyle even that offers up the latest innovations in the beauty and fashion industry. Catering to the personality of the contemporary Arab woman, Taif Al Emarat presented the cream of its collection at the Foochia event, and offered up event-exclusive gifts to Rami Ayyash, Dalida Ayyash, and the visiting crowd on the day of the event. A successful venture glittering with star-power, influencers and media personalities, the Foochia event marks an upward trend in embracing beauty with culture in the GCC and beyond.
Discover more of Taif Al Emarat’s signature collections at select stores and kiosks across the region.