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Gulf Craft’s Long-Range ‘Nomad Yachts’ Makes Australian Debut at Sydney International Boat Show

Innovative Shipyard Reaffirms Commitment to Meeting Australia’s Unique Boating Requirements with Brilliant Showcase of Nomad 65

Gulf Craft is set to attract Australia’s passionate seafarers with the first-time local appearance of the shipyard’s long-range Nomad Yachts series, bringing its latest yachting concept to the shores of Sydney.

The innovative yacht and boat builder, globally recognized for its ability to deliver value and quality through its powerfully engineered leisure craft, will be presenting a brilliant showcase of the Nomad 65 at the Sydney International Boat Show.

Characterized by its extensive coastline, which is dotted with exotic cruising destinations and neighbors some of the world’s most sought-after waterfront escapes, Australia is home to avid boaters who have an inherent desire for seagoing adventure, says Erwin Bamps, Gulf Craft’s CEO.

“The Australian market is comprised of knowledgeable boaters who use their craft frequently and are more interested in yachting and boating as a sport or as a hobby, as opposed to merely an ostentatious display of wealth or status,” says Bamps. “They appreciate the significance of very seaworthy craft that offer strong underlying value, aligning perfectly with our own principles as a builder.”

Explorers at heart, many Australian boat owners are also drivers of their own craft, making user-friendliness and reliability also a priority among prospective buyers, adds Bamps. “If you’re planning to sail along Australia’s vast coastline and into the rough waters of the South Pacific, you will need a sturdy craft with oceangoing capability, and this is precisely what the Nomad Yachts range offers.”

Designed for those with an insatiable appetite for sea travel, the Nomad Yachts series promises a memorable cruising experience by combining deep sea performance with onboard luxury, enabling seafarers to confidently explore the furthest corners of the globe from the comfort of their own yacht. Offering premium comfort and safety, the Nomad Yachts collection transforms a journey into the destination.

The Nomad 65 is Gulf Craft’s first semi-displacement yacht, built to be a luxurious yet powerful mode of transport. Engineered using the most sophisticated technology, the yacht promotes fuel efficiency and has an airy loft style apartment feel, with white oak parquet flooring, marble counter tops, cozy soft furnishings, and sofas crafted from the finest leather in the main saloon area.

Captain Richard Morris of Australian Superyachts, Gulf Craft’s exclusive distributor in Australia, said, “The Nomad 65 is optimized for Australian cursing conditions and is uniquely spacious for a yacht this size. Australian boat owners are beginning to realize the possibilities of explorer yacht cruising, and are therefore increasingly looking for bespoke, customized lifestyle experiences. Long-range capability, quality craftsmanship, value retention, preservation – these are all ideals that resonate with the Australian boating community, and why I am confident that the Nomad Yachts series will be a welcome addition to our line of Gulf Craft yachts and boats.”

Established in 1999, Sydney-based Australian Superyachts offers a complete range of services to the Australian superyacht sector including Gulf Craft sales, superyacht management, crew placement, and serving as a charter central agency and yacht agency. With over 100 years of combined experience, Australian Superyachts offers the complete package. Every member of the team has personally worked on yachts and uses their own experience to make sure it’s always smooth sailing.

Attendees of the Sydney International Boat Show can visit Gulf Craft at stand number 73 at the Cockle Marina Bay. The show kicks off tomorrow and is the largest recreational marine event in the region.