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UAE Holiday Makers are set to spend nearly half their time on their smartphone this summer

Huawei honor, the no 1 smartphone e-brand, predicts that holidays-goers this summer will spend up to a staggering 26 hours a week on their smartphone. A third of UAE residents will spend upwards of an hour a day taking pictures on their phones, with more than one third spending between 20 to 40 minutes a day checking and posting on social media.

Where once the camera was the most important travel accessory, nine in ten people in the UAE now believe their smartphone is more essential, demonstrating how important a consumer’s device is as part of their lifestyle.

Chris Sunbaigong, VP of Huawei honor Middle East, “The fact that holiday-makers will spend up to half of their week on their smartphones even surprised us. What doesn’t surprise us however, is how important smartphones are as an extension of people’s lifestyles.”

Research from Huawei honor, suggests that there is a significant difference in smartphone behaviour between UAE and KSA holiday-makers. It highlighted that people in Saudi mostly use their smartphones for gaming and making calls when on holiday, however taking photos was still the number one in terms of usage.

Sunbaigong continued, “At Huawei honor everything we do is for the benefit of the end-user, whether it is specs, camera or appearance, we take note of what they actually want and use on a daily basis. We know how important the smartphone camera is to our end-users, which is why our devices are geared towards taking great shots on the go – meaning there is literally no excuse for a bad photo. In fact, our upcoming smartphone launch will really showcase this in abundance so watch this space.”