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Endless and unique, the V Forever collection presented at Atelier Versace Show in Paris is the utmost luxury of Versace Fine Jewellery.

A collection of seven rings in white gold with stunning clear-cut solitaires, standing alone or surrounded by full pave diamonds. The central gemstones delicately mounted on an original “V” shape setting.

The V Forever rings reinterpret the classic solitaire in four different styles: a geometric shape reminding the iconic Versace studs, a setting of full pave diamonds featuring the Greek key; a ribbon of diamonds entwining the ring and a shield-like silhouette. All designed to emphasize the light of the precious central stones presented in princess, marquise and brilliant cuts.

Product Info:

V-Forever – technical name: solitaire Lace: Inspired by an Atelier Versace gowns, the V-Forever solitaire lace wraps around the central stone, using a complex setting technique with two claws in order to allow the main stone to express itself.

V-Forever – technical name: solitaire Shield: The V-shaped setting claws make a statement of the Versace design. The ring layout builds up the anticipation all around the body to peak at the focus point of the crown where the solitaire diamond is set.

V-Forever – technical name: solitaire Studs: This ring reinterprets one of the iconic symbol of Versace the studs, in a harmonious fusion that embodies the Versace woman’s strong character and independence. A mixture between the structured world of jewellery and the whimsical dimension of the rock.

V-Forever – technical name: Gréca Twist solitaire: the Gréca, the iconic symbol of Versace’s DNA, inspired by the Greek mythology , has been translated by the Versace Fine Jewellery into an ornamental design made out of a straight-broken line, which twists, spins and turns elegantly and harmoniously. The untraditional setting technique brings out multilayered facets of the solitaire diamond, making this ring a signature of the revisited classical high jewellery according to the Versace’s spirit.