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Deciphering The Digital Qode

We’re storytellers at heart. We tell the brands’ stories through effective public relations and masterfully crafted events – it’s what we’re known for. And when the world entered the digital era, we at The Qode took notice.

With our finger on the pulse and after a year of studying the building blocks of digital marketing, we are proud to introduce The Qode’s digital division, now enabling us to enter the ranks of multinational companies that combine both offline and online services.

Helping us enter the ever-evolving digitalscape and spearheading the department is Soraya Spahi, a reputable digital marketer with over ten years’ experience in online communications and campaigns, globally.

From interactive social media management, web development to SEO/SEM campaigns, The Qode’s digital team gathers social insights to develop and promote branded content that generates business leads and results.

To produce high-quality content that will demonstrate its impact on business forecast, our in-house team consists of creative content creators and community managers as well as tech-savvy programmers and strategists.

So, let’s continue this conversation online.

For enquiries:
Dipesh Depala
00971 50 650 8112

Soraya Spahi
00971 056 834 2141