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New York City-Based Bareburger Is Breaking Into The Dubai Burger Scene.

(18 September 2016) Bareburger, a successful burger restaurant group that began in New York City, will be making it’s Dubai debut in October at Festival City Mall, with three more locations soon to follow.

Bareburger is dedicated to the organic food movement, creating a diverse menu with all-natural ingredients and free-range meats.

The restaurant has been designed by John Simeonidis Jr., co-founder and Chief Design Officer. When discussing the challenges of building in a new market, John explained that, “we wanted to keep the familiar look and feel of our restaurants as well build them within our typical sustainable efforts. With that said, sourcing local and reclaimed materials was very challenging. Fortunately, the wealth of knowledge our local partners brought to the process along with the expertise of Keane Brand LLC, the final result is a restaurant that I am proud of, and immensely thankful to have taken part in.”

Euripides Pelekanos, CEO of Bareburger, comments, “no matter where you are in the world, your most valuable assets are your partners. Just like back home, the success rate of any development is anchored in the people behind it. Having local partners who know the landscape of the country, the cities, the neighborhoods and the projects and who have the proven experience to bring an idea to life has made this endeavor an experience I’m happy to be a part of.”

Bareburger has something for everyone, and we are excited to be a part of this neighbourhood.