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The new L’Uomo for men fragrance by Gianfranco Ferre



Austere and elegant, strong and refined: a perfect gentleman with traces of Austro- Hungarian romanticism in his soul and the physique of a Nordic athlete.
Gianfranco Ferré’s menswear collection was launched in 1982 to challenge the banality of people who confuse luxury with ostentation and rigidity with rigor.
Fascinated by uniforms, the architect-designer interpreted their sartorial perfection in his search for new absolutes. The result was often sensational: jackets constructed like armor, sumptuous coats like the greatcoat of a Napoleonic officer, and evening jackets worthy of a Hungarian hussar. The colors were always understated, saturated and dark: midnight blue, ink black, anthracite gray and dark chocolate. Garments had the lightness and practicality of contemporary clothing, but in the end, you always saw heroes on the catwalk: a virile image that became legendary.

Now all this has become Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo, the fragrance that marks the beginning of a new era for the brand. This special Eau de Toilette transmits all the values of Gianfranco Ferré menswear: tradition and innovation, respect of orthodoxy and a desire for new rules, and a search for beauty, honesty and substance.


Dedicated to a man who needs no adjectives but only a definite article that underlines his uniqueness, Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo is not just a fragrance but a programmatic manifesto of new masculinity. This is the idea behind the name that is simple and incisive: profoundly Italian yet international.

Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo is composed like a Tom Waits music score where the sound of a bell has the same importance of an entire orchestra. It belongs to the fresh oriental olfactive family.
Perfumer Nicholas Beaulieu created an unusual blend of vibrant, peppery head notes (bergamot, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper) and light green heart notes (violet, artemisia, green apple and sage).
A persistent sensuality strongly emerges in the base notes (sandal wood, Spanish citron, lichens, amber and vanilla). The refined accord of different accents makes this Eau de Toilette iconic and unforgettable: a new classic in men’s perfume.

The symbol of Gianfranco Ferré menswear is a large gold safety pin that the architect-designer wore as a tie pin and personal good luck charm. The synthesis of his style is a skillful blend of traditional elements and a taste for innovation. This is why the cap on the bottle of Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo is shaped like the cuff of a man’s shirt, with the top of the safety pin as a cufflink. The safety pin is in shiny silver metal, while the rest of this small sculpture is a special black polymer with shiny and opaque milling that reproduces the texture of carbon fiber.
The bottle brings to mind the sleek architectural design of certain skyscrapers: soaring vertical lines that are pure and squared. The play of light and shadow created in the black glass that veers towards midnight blue is fundamental. The lighter part of the bottle has a silver metal label with the name.
The dualism between light and dark, past and future, shiny and opaque is also found in the packaging: black with silver lettering on paper with the texture of carbon fiber. Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo: a new classic of men’s perfume.

Gianfranco Ferré is the first brand to choose a digital influencer as the testimonial and storyteller of its new fragrance: Matthew Zorpas, age 28, a Greek Cypriot who lives in London.
He is a true gentleman of the third millennium: always elegant, well-groomed, with impeccable manners and contemporary classic style. He was chosen as the testimonial for Gianfranco Ferré L’Uomo due to his perfect visual identity on the web, but also for his infallible instinct in capturing the best of everything.
Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, he moved to London after high school to study public relations at the London College of Communication. He later graduated with a degree from London School of Economics, with a PhD in Global Media and Communications.
Matthew began his career in fashion as a PR for new brands. In 2011 he came in second on the list of the most elegant men in England, published by Esquire Magazine UK. He launched “The Gentleman Blogger” in the following year, the blog in which he presented rules of style and male etiquette through modern clothes and accessories. In short, he found a third strictly personal path between the old mystique of sartorial tailoring and a modern obsession for designer clothes.
GQ immediately crowned him one of the five fashion icons to follow in England in 2013. His influence has grown substantially also because he has thousands of followers (134,000 on Instagram alone), but all are carefully selected. Here, too, Matthew only chooses the best.

Matthew is dining with a mysterious woman who is glimpsed sitting at an elegantly set table. We are in a refined contemporary home; the two are surrounded by just a few design objects. He stands and imperceptibly nods with his head in apology. He strides towards a room with an incredible open wine cellar with an amazing selection of wines. Matthew takes a bottle of Amarone Bertani: he wants to make a good impression and he knows he offers the best of everything. He rapidly returns to the dining room, but suddenly stops in front of a mirror. He sits the wine bottle down. He adjusts his cuffs, looks around and seems to smell the air around him. Satisfied, he walks to the dining room (with the Amarone in hand) towards the mysterious woman. It’s impossible to resist a man like him.
In just one shot, the advertising campaign recreates the atmosphere of a film: Matthew, wearing a tuxedo, gazes into the camera (the mirror) to check his apparently effortless elegance.
It is a celebration of virility and of the “best part” of being a man. An hymn to the traditional tailoring that respects specific rules and never “shock”.