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°CRYO’s 3 Year Surge Continues Unabated

Dubai, UAE; Since 2013, °CRYO has enjoyed enviable year on year growth, opening six locations in the UAE, operating out of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain. With a strong and solidly established presence in the United States and Lebanon, launches throughout the GCC, Kuwait, Europe and Asia are imminent, cementing CRYO’s watertight place as matchless in its field.

What gives °CRYO the edge in this fast-growing industry is that it operates under the umbrella of °CRYO Holdings, the parent company, uniquely providing three verticals to include every aspect of the cryotherapy business:

°CRYO is the retail and franchising face of the business world-wide. Clients in the UAE are well aware of the benefits of °CRYO including beauty and anti-ageing, weight loss, muscle recovery, and health and wellness, and can’t seem to get enough of it. Disparate clients from sportsmen and celebrities to the ordinary man in the street are lauding the effects.

Part of its appeal must surely be in the speed of treatment and the positive outcomes. The planned growth reflects °CRYO’S unassailable position as leaders in their field. Also much sought-after are private chambers being installed in homes in the UAE.

°CRYO Science is the innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider for all cryogenic applications as well as the inventor of the °CRYO Arctic Chamber and °CRYO Penguin machine. World class engineers, design architects and plant operators have one mission in mind – to make °CRYO chambers safe and efficient. As part of its solid commitment to clients, °CRYO has all machines and equipment manufactured in Europe and has been awarded the CE certification for quality.

°CRYO Services centers on coverage of all cryogenic gas requirements. Experts in the field deliver solutions for the cryotherapy market, reassuring clients world-wide with their comprehensive expertise in technology, service and innovation.

Investment into the cutting edge science behind its achievements is ongoing in order to cement its position as undisputed leader in the field. The long-term dynamics and growth indicators are highly positive and expansion in the region and beyond due to soaring demand is already under way, underlining °CRYO’s justifiable confidence. With no credible competition in the market, the company’s future success is an iron-clad certainty. °CRYO has got it down cold…minus 140° in a liquid nitrogen mist.

“Our successful growth into the different verticals of the cryogenic industry is what makes us a market leader. The 3 verticals; of retail, gas distribution and equipment manufacturing, positions us strategically for the future.”

– Benny Parihar, °CRYO Holdings Partner