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Whats Cooking With Chez Charles This Season

Dubai’s most prestigious catering service has been busy. Chez Charles, the company which prides itself on having Michelin Star Chefs on their strong team of 55 employees, are rapidly expanding; launching an online deli, an Abu Dhabi operation and soon a Mediterranean brasserie.


Originally an online gourmet store, CEO & Founder Charles Bokhos, has always been placed the utmost importance on high quality and flavor of the produce, and that is what sets Chez Charles apart. “My passion was always about the ingredients – everything that comes out of the soil,” he explains, “I must be the only man in the world that can speak so much about a courgette! All our products are sourced from the country of origin, all handpicked, giving our customers the best quality and taste that they can ever have access to.”


The Gourmet Store
In May 2012, Charles setup the online shop setting the first brick of the catering company he was building. At the time he had two employees and was operating from a warehouse. The store quickly became renown for its unparalleled produce quality and variety unavailable anywhere else in Dubai.


The selection of caviar, Langoustine, Umami Oysters, ready made cheese platters, seasonal fruits and vegetables and other delicatessens have received praise from Michelin Star chefs, food critics and blind tasters.


The Catering Service
Six months after launching the online store, Chez Charles introduced the exclusive catering wing offering Dubai social scene home services with Michelin Star chefs Sylvain Gohier and Jérémy Degras. The chic catering branch, offers an extensive array of services from fine-dining sit down dinners to rustic garden barbeques with wooden ovens, smokers and spitfires. Known for their friendly chefs, impeccable service, high-end equipment and of course the quality produce, and the delicious cuisine, Chez Charles quickly became the most sought after catering company in the city.


The new state-of –the-art industrial kitchen was designed by the chefs to create a perfect flow in the cooking process. The safety is well maintained and was recognized by Dubai Municipality and given an A Grade rating – a privilege that is scarcely given.


Customization is the heart of the business so when designing the new kitchen, Charles wanted to create a funky Lunch Room concept for his clients to come for food tastings before their events. The room is also available for small corporate and private functions.


The Deli

This September Chez Charles adds a new service Dubai has been waiting for. The Deli offers ready-made dishes that can be ordered to your home for hassle free hosting. Now clients can serve food designed by Michelin star chefs inside the comfort of their homes!


All they need to do is select the dishes from the website, and they will be delivered the next day. The Deli selection ranges from appetizers like salmon tartar, a box of 100 canapés and entrees like roasted chicken, risotto and Paellas.


The Abu Dhabi Expansion

Dubai’s number one high-end catering company Chez Charles has now expanded their reach to Abu Dhabi. Synonymous with quality food, flawless service and innovative creativity, residence of the capital can now also experience class A catering for personal or business events.


The Restaurant
Opening its door this winter, the highly anticipated Chez Charles flagship restaurant is finally here in the artistic hub of Dubai Design District. The restaurant will boast an impressive 112 seats divided into a dinning room, terrace, and lounge/ bar area. With its quality driven mentality, creative Michelin Star Chefs and Charles’ passion for quality and attention to detail, the restaurant is set to take the Dubai dining scene to new heights.