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INTERSECT BY LEXUS opens its kitchen doors to Michelin Star Chef Greg Malouf

Experience a unique gastronomical journey of Middle Eastern cuisine


INTERSECT BY LEXUS opens its kitchen doors to the culinary genius and Michelin Star Chef Greg Malouf, as he takes over Dubai’s new lifestyle hub from October 11-13th.


Malouf, who is globally recognized for this unique cooking style which fuses traditional regional cooking with modern Western techniques and presentation, putting Middle Eastern cuisine on the forefront of culinary innovation. Guests will be able to experience his signature gastronomical flair as he takes guests on a flavorful culinary journey through Middle Eastern food and culture.


The experience will consist of four mouth-watering courses, as Lebanese music provides an authentic backdrop to the unforgettable evening that will be sure to reawaken the foodies’ taste buds.


INTERSECT BY LEXUS is both a curator of fine food and fine design, which matches seamlessly with Chef Greg Malouf’s authentic, artesian culinary style and passion for perfection.


Michelin Star Culinary Experience
Date: October 11th -13th
Time: 7-11pm
Courses: 4
Price: AED 395 per person for food, additional AED 250 for grape pairings