The region’s selective top VIP’s, press, and retailers were exclusively invited to witness the grand reveal of Carolina Herrera New York’s new fragrance “Good Girl” at Penthouse One, Palm Jumeirah. It was neither the elegant New York style interior nor the mesmerizing city skyline view that took the guests breaths away, but the discovery of the elaborate revelation and exquisite new fragrance. The composition of “Good Girl” took five years for creative director Carolina Herrera de Baez and perfumer Louise Turner to perfect along with the refined design of the elegant bottle itself, has the invitees mesmerized. Shaped after a high-heel stiletto, and with a unique and striking scent, Good Girl has truly captivated the audience, and maybe for the first time, it was a fragrance that drew all the attention and not a person.


The event’s exclusive location was a perfect reflection of the perfume itself, bold and sensual, exhibiting the essence of a modern woman. Guests were invited to explore the Good Girl journey through an intricately designed maze of elegance and duality. A series of themed rooms lead the audience to wander, and lead them on a special discovery of the fragrance – Step by step, from the house’s heritage, to the inspiration, followed by the reveal, and finally the composition.


Guests enjoyed an evening of entertainment as well as enlightenment with a perfume odyssey and scent discovery of various cinematic clips, teaser imagery, and creative compositions – accompanied by the hashtag #GOODTOBEME. A life-size “Good Girl” fragrance set the chic yet cosmopolitan tone in the penthouse overlooking Dubai’s marina and sparkling sky-scrappers. The crowd was fascinated by the alluring disclosure of the perfume, the intriguing presentation of ingredient components, as well as enchanted by the present charming illusionist.


The luscious bottle, a midnight blue ultra-high stiletto and golden heel, may be simple in appearance, however its internal pressure system is highly complex and not to be underestimated, just like Carolina Herrera de Baez herself. Baez has input all her preceding knowledge of the brand and fragrance development experience, in order to produce a scent that successfully expresses a woman’s natural sensuality, confidence, power, and femininity.


GOOD GIRL will be available within all leading retailers in the region and the retail price for the 80 ML fragrance is AED 540 and 50 ML is AED 415