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The Astronomia watch, with its technical complexity and outstanding allure, is an emblem of the Jacob & Co. Maison. Following on from the Tourbillon, Sky and Clarity models, comes Meteorite, a jewelry version of turbulent aesthetic. A model with a great visual impact, mirroring the celestial body, fragment of an asteroid crossing the atmosphere and hitting the surface of the Earth. Mysterious and sought after, meteorites have always been venerated as a sacred object by numerous civilizations.


Astronomia Meteorite landing on Earth
On the 7th, 8th and 9th of August, the celestial dome will be lit by a multitude of falling stars. To mark this unique annual event, Astronomia Meteorite will be landing on Earth. As luminous as a comet, the unique edition of this model will shine with 356 triangular cut diamonds and a curved sapphire crystal providing a breathtaking view of the complexity of its gravitational movement.


Audacious jewellery
For this exceptional piece, Jacob & Co. have opted for the audacious choice of a triangular cut. Indeed, in order to obtain this rare form, called the “Architecture cut” by the brand, a large quantity of the raw diamond is lost in the cutting process. The back of the stones: the pavilion, has been highlighted to provide maximum radiance to the movement. The diamonds, totaling over 35 carats, reflect each other in a game of infinite mirroring.


Technical prowess
Illuminated by the multiple facets of the gems, the movement, conceived vertically, follows the wild chase of its 4 satellites. The first encompasses a whirlpool made up of three axes (60 seconds, 5mins and 20mins), the second provides the hours and minutes, the third makes a Jacob-cut blue sapphire of 288 facets rotate on itself in 60 seconds, and the last, which also revolves in 60 seconds, represents the Earth in the form of a sphere of lacquered and hand-painted magnesium.