Stable Unstable

By Elias Doummar


Genre: Dramatic comedy

Director: Mahmoud Hojeij

Starring: Camille Salameh, Fadi Abu Samra, Nada Abou Farhat, Hassan Mrad, Husam Chadat, Aida Sabra, Yara Abou Haidar, Monzer Baalbaki, Ziad Antar, Diamand Bou Abboud, Manal Khader


With more than 15 documentaries and short features filmed throughout his career, Mahmoud Hojeij garners his experience for his first long feature film dealing with feelings of insecurity in Lebanese Society! Stable Unstable is a black comedy exploring the anxieties of seven individuals connected only by their psychologist, Ghassan (Camille Salameh). They each journey through their ups and downs, their sufferings of insecurity on New Year’s Eve in a bid to be at peace before midnight strikes… Even the metaphor in the title seems aimed at local viewers who have gone through the war years and have come to accept instability as the norm…! I always thought that budget was never the reason behind the failure or success of a fine feature and Mahmoud proved it right, as most of his film was shot inside an elevator or in the psychologist’s office. The film simplified visual settings are easily accepted though the drama can turn intense and easy on the eyes thanks to cinematographer Philippe Van Leeuw’s indulging colors. The film has a pleasant style by trying to imply stability into instability and more particularly into an unstable world. A special note to Charbel Haber’s musical score that is executed as neatly as the rest.