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The Dry Shampoo Know-How

The Must-Know Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Are Using COLAB™ Dry Shampoo Efficiently


Stylists have been telling us for years that if we wash our hair less often, then it’ll be softer, shinier, and way healthier. Sounds good to us, especially since it saves us major minutes in the morning. That said, we still need to keep our hair fresh between washes and this is where Colab Dry Shampoo comes in. But this miracle product only performs miracles when it is used properly.


Make the most of this hair-care staple with these useful tips and really get the most out of your Dry Shampoo:
1. Try not to spray too close to your scalp. Always spritz your dry shampoo about 10 inches away from your roots to avoid any excess residue.
2. Don’t get too spray happy. Use your dry shampoo on the roots only as this is where your hair gets greasy. Spraying on the lengths and ends will make hair stiff and lacklustre.
3. Massage, massage, massage! Don’t just spray on and go. Allow the product to sit for a few minutes to absorb any oil and then work into the roots using fingertips.
4. Using too much product is a big no-no and can make your hair actually appear dull and discoloured. It is always better to use a little and add more if you feel your hair is still too greasy. If you do, however put on a bit much, simply blast with a hairdryer that will help even it out.
5. As easy as it can be to do, try not to rely too much on your Dry Shampoo and only use once or twice between washes to let your follicles and scalp breathe.
6. Try applying dry shampoo before you go to bed. This gives plenty of time to soak in and you’ll wake with fresh looking strands in the morning.


COLAB™ Dry Shampoos come in five captivating scents. From the classic, heritage notes of London, the fresh and fruity scents of New York, to the floral, feminine notes of Paris, you can embrace head-turning, iconic city style wherever you are.


You can choose from two ranges:
• Sheer and Invisible Dry Shampoo: Keep that clean hair feel for longer & instantly revitalise your look.
o 50ml – AED22 / 200ml – AED35
• Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo: Give lifeless hair amazing body and a refreshing boost between washes.
o 50ml – AED26 / 200ml – AED45


COLAB™ is the creation of an influential collective of beauty insiders, led by Ruth Crilly, international model and founder of beauty and fashion website, ‘A Model Recommends’. As a successful vlogger, blogger and model, Ruth understands the importance of looking and feeling your best even when there’s not a second to spare. This is the essence of the backstage routine. She saw the gap in the market for a residue free, high performance dry shampoo and set about working with a dynamic beauty team to solve the problem.


COLAB™ products are available from Spinneys and Waitrose supermarkets across the UAE as well as the following retailers:


DubaI, UAE:
• Wojooh (Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta and Dubai Mall)
• Virgin Megastore (Dubai Mall, MOE)
• Pout Salon
• Beauty by Edge


Abu Dhabi, UAE:
• House of Fraser (Yas Mall)
• Virgin Megastore (Yas Mall)


Doha, Qatar:
• Virgin Megastore (Landmark) – launching soon
• Virgin Megsatore (Villagio) – launching soon


• Virgin Megastore – launching soon