Hot and Chic Nail Trends to Watch Out for this Season

Gorgeous and elegant nail trends for that summer to autumn style transition from Ciate.


Rock & Metal Glam

Bold and glamorous shades to bring out the rock star in you. These solid colours with a metallic shine finish are perfect to make a daring statement this season.


Beach Hut-This blazing orange makes for the best beach party shade; apply liberally for a seriously sunny mani. Part of The Bottled Sunshine Collection.


Velvet Tuxedo-A smooth gunmetal that oozes class and will forever be on trend (and you can quote us on that).


Gold Digga- An extremely high-end bronzy gold that adds glamour without the need for jewellery. Make an understated fashion statement with metallic gold nails.


Glitz & Sparkles

You’re never too old for some glitzy glam fun and these stunning and eye-catching shades are ideal to add an elegant twist to your look.


Love Letter- A romantic ruby red with a golden glow, this is a polish that will make any girl click her heels three times.


Jewel-This shimmering Paint Pot gives your manicure that instant sparkle factor, with pieces of jewel-coloured strands that catch the light, reflecting a multi-coloured tone.


Antique Brooch- A movie star gold that will make any girl feel glamorous. Finished with golden flakes to leave your nails looking like a million bucks.


Autumn Fever

A few solid colours to help you transition from the sunny summer side to the dark glamourous side of autumn.


Superficial- Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful deep marine aqua polish. A perfect combination of deep green with blue undertones that oozes style and understated glamour.


Fade to Greige- A violetly grey that delivers a unique take on the fabulous taupe trend colour. Perfect for adding an edge to black and teaming with silver jewellery.


Mines a Mocha- Chocolate makes a ladies world go around, and Mines A Mocha will leave your fingers the most desired chocolate colour of all. A rich, dark brown with a red undertone that leaves this mocha wearable and unique.


Ciate’s nail polishes are 13.5ml and are priced at AED 70 each. They are available to buy from Sephora, House of Fraser, Marks & Spencer and online at Beauty Solutions. For more information visit