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Gemma Arterton in Messika at The Venice Film Festival

Sunday 4th September – Saturday evening saw the premiere and afterparty of «The Young Pop» at Venice Film Festival, where British actress Gemma Arterton wore jewellery by Messika. The Venice Film Festival judge wore a pair of Daisy earrings from Mesiska’s Gatsby collection, which worked perfectly with her Armani gown.


It all started with a great desire of light. A dream of highlighting the smallest diamonds through a flawless set and a subtle set of light to get stones sparkle with a thousand lights. From that inspiration, the Gatsby was borned. In reference of Fitzgerald’s hero, Gatsby reconsiders with a fresh eye women’s hopes from the twenties: freedom, comfort, motion. The Art Deco touch is visible through the uncluttered lines of Gatsby. Thanks to a geometric diamonds lines with a stylized drawing, the precious metal just seems disappear.