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Panax ginseng
This large yellowy-white, gnarled root from Northeast Asia (China and Korea) is known by various poetic names, including “root of heaven”, “promise of eternal life” and “flower of life”, due to its many therapeutic properties. Its story started a very long time ago in China, around 3,000 B.C., when the Emperor Chen-Nong, the founder of agriculture and specialist in medicinal plants, chose ginseng as the “heavenly” plant and made a precious elixir from it, reserved solely for the Emperors. For thousands of years, ginseng root has been famous for its preventive and energizing benefits, and in cosmetics is used for its effective skin-stimulating benefits.


Mimosa tenuiflora
Mimosa tenuiflora
Known as the “skin tree” of the Mayas, mimosa tenuiflora, or “tepezcohuite”, is a shrub found in Central America, in Mexico, in the state of Chiapas, on a narrow strip of land located at an altitude of 800 – 1000 m. According to Indian tradition, the powder obtained from the bark has magical properties and helps to heal wounds. The Mexican earthquake of 1985 and the shortage of medicines that followed, brought this special tree’s therapeutic benefits back into the spotlight and it is now officially recognized as part of the country’s national heritage. Thanks to its healing properties, mimosa tenuiflora has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to restore damaged epidermis. In cosmetics, the bark extract is used for its antibacterial, soothing and regenerating actions


Green coffee
Coffea robusta
Coffee is the name given to the two seeds produced by the mature fruit of the robusta coffee, a shrub cultivated across subtropical regions of the world. The legend of the robusta coffee dates back to medieval times. It tells of a Yemeni shepherd whose goats had been running off more than usual, who noticed they had been eating the seeds of a mysterious small tree. The shepherd was curious, prepared an infusion with the seeds and discovered a delicately flavoured, invigorating drink that would eventually come to be known all over the world as coffee. “Green” coffee extract is obtained from the seeds which are dried in the sun then lightly roasted. This very simple process effectively preserves the plant’s active molecules which give it stimulating and antioxidant properties.