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SHA Wellness Clinic, Perfect Place to Re-Energise After Summer

Re-energising after holidays is possible thanks to the innovative wellbeing and health treatments and programs at SHA Wellness Clinic


Summer is synonymous with holidays and wellbeing. However, it is also a time of year when people tend to neglect healthy habits: the consumption of calorific and unhealthy foods increases, physical activity diminishes, sleep patterns are disrupted and there is a lot of intense sun exposure.


“These factors result in added oxidative stress and an increase in toxins found in the body that can cause irritability and tiredness, reduce performance levels and even speed up the cell ageing process”, states Dr Rosario García, a specialist in Ozone Therapy and Intravenous Therapy at SHA Wellness Clinic.


Once summer is over, it is essential for our organism to recover the vitality and resistance needed to tackle the return to routine. SHA Wellness Clinic is a worldwide pioneering Health and Wellbeing establishment providing guests with the best advice and treatment in order to head into autumn full of vitality. A healthy diet, regular physical activity, a stable sleep pattern and detox treatments are decisive factors in recovering physical wellbeing following the excesses of summer.


In order to offer 360º fine-tuning ahead of autumn, SHA Wellness Clinic has developed innovative and specific treatments for counteracting the negative effects that summer has on our health.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments
Dr Dolores Antón, a specialist in non-surgical Cosmetic Medicine techniques, suggests techniques that facilitate the elimination of damage caused to skin by the sun:


Aftersun Facial: Facial treatment using hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and aloe vera that calms and moisturises the skin after warm summer days. Price: 50 min / €165.


CPT Thermage Treatment: Treatment for flaccid skin on the face and body. Price: 2 hours and 30 mins. / €3,000 per area.


Clean and Clear Laser Treatment: Ideal treatment for reducing marks on the skin, eliminating scars and wrinkles. The Clean and Clear Laser Treatment is non-aggressive and acts by eliminating aged skin, so that, once rejuvenated, skin looks more moisturised, smoother and healthier. Price: 30 mins / €500.


Clear & Brilliant Treatment: Clear & Brilliant is the first specific fractional laser treatment for improving the texture and radiance of skin. Price: 1 hour / €960.


Dr Antón recommends that you continue to use SPF 50 sun protection even if sun exposure in autumn will not be as prolonged as in summer. This helps to prevent damage that the sun can cause to skin throughout the year.


Intravascular Phototherapy UV Light Treatment
From September 2016 onward, SHA Wellness Clinic will be the first wellbeing clinic in Spain to offer Intravascular Phototherapy UV Light treatment, at its Ozone Unit, managed by Dr Rosario García, a specialist in Ozone Therapy and Intravenous Therapy.


According to Dr García, the benefits of this treatment are “increased energy, strength and resistance. A notable improvement in general performance, sleep and the waking state, and a positive effect on general mood, thus making it possible to reduce the consumption of medicines”.


Likewise, Dr García states that Intravascular Phototherapy “provides a simple, safe and efficient manner to optimise the recovery of damage caused to the organism during summer. UVLrx Therapy is an innovative system that applies light of different wavelengths intravenously through an optic filament. Its effectiveness has been proven and it stands out for its quick and long-lasting effects”.


Body treatments for improving circulation and eliminating fluid retention
Pedro Catarino, Director of the Wellness Area at SHA Wellness Clinic, recommends carrying out the following treatments in order to solve two common summer problems: fluid retention and worsened circulation.


Intermittent Vacuum Therapy:
“This treatment consists of using alternating blood pressures which produces beneficial effects such as cardiovascular stimulation, improved micro blood flow, peripheral perfusion, lymphatic activation, increased infiltration, internal purification of the tissue, or reduced uric acid concentration”, states Pedro Catarino.


Electric Lymphatic Drainage:

“The elimination of fluid retention, a loss of volume, the removal of toxins and improved skin appearance are the main effects of this treatment, which makes it possible to obtain optimal results by applying bioelectric impulses that improve surface and deep circulation”, notes Pedro Catarino.


This perfecting of the drainage process makes it possible to normalise blood flow, prevent the formation of oedemas and encourage cell nutrition.
Price: 50 min / €135 105 min / €260
Complementary support: SHA “TeaTox”


In order to detoxify the organism naturally, the nutritional consultant at SHA Wellness Clinic, Melanie Waxman, recommends consuming a large variety of medicinal teas (without caffeine) from the SHA Tea Collection in order to clean the organism and detox naturally. The SHA Tea Collection brings together the therapeutic properties of different plants, seaweed, roots and cereals, all natural ingredients with multiple benefits for the body.


Melanie Waxman proposes a detox for your body based on a combination of a healthy diet and the consumption of one or two cups of tea a day. She outlines the ideal time to enjoy each type of tea from the SHA Tea Collection depending on the effect and benefits it has on the body.
SHA “TeaTox”:
• 9am – Energy Tea: the freshest and most stimulating flavour. Very invigorating and restorative, it provides the body with vitality.


• 11am – Detox Tea: the ideal complement for breakfast, especially as a replacement for coffee. Its properties help to detox and purify the body, while also reducing blood sugar levels.


• 3pm – Digestion Tea: A delicious combination of South African Rooibos and purple sea lettuce, nuanced with the sweet taste of cinnamon, liquorice root and aniseed. It offers anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the digestive system and helps to eliminate gases and stomach discomfort.


• 6pm – Honeybush & Carrot: A combination of honeybush (Cyclopia) and carrot, caffeine-free, ideal for people that want to avoid the consumption of sugary tea. It has a sweet taste, and is rich in minerals and antioxidants.


• 10pm – Relax: ideal for relaxing or drinking before bed. It calms the nervous system.


SHA Health Programs
In addition to these new treatments, SHA Wellness Clinic has a wide range of health programs that are ideal for fine tuning after summer, for example:


Fitness Program: an ideal program for people that are overweight, tired, suffering from depressive states due to body image, or those with eating disorders. One of the keys to the success of the SHA intensive Detox and Slimming program is the learning that takes place during the stay at SHA. This helps guests to keep the excess weight off and to maintain a healthy diet. Duration: 7 days. Price: €3450.


Intensive Detox and Slimming Program: the aims of this program include learning to eat healthily, finding out which nutrients are the healthiest for our organism, beginning an exercise routine that can be maintained in the long term, and regaining muscular flexibility. Duration: Minimum of 7 days / Recommended period of 14 days. Price: €4450 – 7 days / €7500 – 14 days.