Collagen Precursors V’s Collagen Products

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So, what is the difference between taking collagen-precursors and collagen based products?


Let’s start first with why you would want to take a collagen-type product.


Collagen is now the most well-known substance or at least the most heard of in the beauty and cosmetic space, however there seems to be great confusion as to how it is actually produced in the body. There is a big misconception that collagen is produced in the body, the skin, and the joints by simply taking collagen-based products, however nothing could be further from the truth.


The promotion and marketing of collagen products and the purpose for which it is intended to be consumed has misled consumers into thinking that by orally ingesting animal or fish collagen-based products you can in fact produce or over produce their own natural collagen, known as “endogenous collagen”


• Endogenous; meaning belonging to that organism or body; a person’s own natural fibrous and connective tissue is called endogenous collagen, and not to be confused with surgical collagen or synthetic collagen.


• Surgical collagens are strips of tissue/flesh taken from a bovine (cow) source and called collagen strips which are inserted into a post-operative wounds and used to assist would healing and speed up the tissue recovery for a patient.


• Synthetic collagen is used in injectable form to fill our facial pads, lines and wrinkles or injected into lips.


• Collagen-based products in the form of pills, capsules, powders or drinks are made from the gelatin, which is the by-product of boiled skins, hooves, bones of animals and scales and skins of fish. It is a gelatinous substance used in the food industry and is already denatured and broken down. When one ingests it, the *gastro-intestinal tract digests the gelatin-collagen as a protein, like meat or fish and excretes as waste in the normal manner. Taking this gelatin-collagen orally and dose-dumping it into the stomach does not in turn make it into endogenous collagen in the body, the stomach breaks it down, uses the protein as energy and excretes the waste. It does not travel around the body as collagen finding lines and wrinkles on the skin; collagen is already formed lengths of fibrous tissue so biologically this would be impossible. These products called “collagen” are in fact gelatin and protein in nature.


* Medical & Scientific Fact:


Endogenous collagen is made in the cells by the body itself. There is no other way to synthesise collagen secretions within the cell. The part of the cell that secretes new collagen every day is called the “fibroblast”. It builds “fibrous” tissue. Fibro meaning fibrous tissue, and blast meaning a cell that builds or makes. This is how we make our own collagen in the skin, ligature, joints, cartilage, bone and teeth.


* Fibroblast Nutrient Requirement:


Each cell in the body needs nutrients in order to perform their function. Nutrient load comes into the body in the form of food, having said that, some people may be less nutritionally optimal than others, depending on how healthy the diet is. In this case, the cells will underperform.


Fibroblasts need certain building blocks in order to be able to make the collagen secretions, and rely on the intake of good nutrients, in particular amino acids. They act as the precursor to the collagen secretions. So, if we provide the body with the right type of amino acids we will then in turn provide the fibroblast with the right building material for making new collagen every day.


If the body does not receive these building blocks every day then the collagen present since birth will start to degrade and break down, causing the body to age quicker. This would affect the outer appearance of the skin and also the health of the joints.


By pre-modifying certain amino acids we can produce a compound called a “collagen precursor” which would be protected and not be broken down by the GIT, but instead assist the fibroblast to secrete fresh new endogenous collagen everyday throughout the body.


MedColl has worked in collaboration with Ireland’s leading medical collagen research center, The Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science, UCD, also a government body, in scientifically researching and developing a patented supplement formula that contains these unique “collagen precursors” which help the body maintain and produce healthy endogenous collagen.
This is by far the safest and most effective method of helping the body make its own natural collagen rather than injecting, surgically placing and dose-dumping gelatin into the system.


*The human gastrointestinal tract (GI tract or GIT) is an organ system responsible for transporting and digesting foodstuffs, absorbing nutrients, and expelling waste. The tract consists of the stomach and intestines, and is divided into the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts.


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