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Pénélope, freedom in a tote Fall 2016

A woman with a hint of the Parisienne about her is seated on a café terrace, soaking up an early-morning ray of sunshine. She’s the first to arrive, and she savors the moment, her PÉNÉLOPE bag resting on the chair beside her. In a few minutes, her friends will join her. They’ll chat, laugh and exchange a few secrets… They’re free, and they’re changing the world. Suddenly, the tote vibrates, signaling good news. The bag is her new companion, sharing all these moments that make life so exciting!


As far as bags are concerned, the tote is never out of fashion. This everyday accessory began its life as a wicker basket, and made a comeback in the 1970s with the hippy movement. Gaining in convenience and elegance, it became the It-bag of an entire generation – and maybe even of an era.


LONGCHAMP chose to revamp this essential piece by constructing it in the finest leather, while preserving the purity of its geometric forms. And so the PÉNÉLOPE line was born, with its clean-cut edges and lightly flared gussets that emphasize an understated yet very distinctive silhouette. Sliding tassels and a charm around the handle add an original finishing touch.


For Fall 2016, LONGCHAMP has decided to make this timeless tote even more refined. The new PÉNÉLOPE collection reaches new heights with a duo of materials that play delicately on the sensuality of different textures. The simplicity of smooth leather combines with a sumptuous suede that accentuates the trapezoidal form of the bag, offering a hint of elegance. Available in a range of colors, this new haute couture tote embodies the perfect marriage of LONGCHAMP’s fashion sense and leather-working expertise.