Extensive ORS product range offers complete hair care for women with curly hair in Middle East

Curly hair draws easy attention, earns several compliments and many women have spent hours and money to get curls of their choice. However, women with wavy hair will have a different tale to tell of how difficult it is to manage their hair. The problem with curly hair can range from excessive dryness to frizziness and even difficulty to style them. However, women with thick curls can now say goodbye to expensive and time consuming hot styling tools, straightening treatments and other fancy products that they bought with a hope to tame their wavy mane. With the range of ORS(formerly Organic Root Stimulator) products for extra curly tresses in the Middle East, it is much easier to manage and maintain your hair and style them in a fashionable way.


The ORS product range includes Olive Oil, HAIRepair, Olive Oil Girls, Hair Restoration, Essential Oils, Olive Oil Professional Range, and Curls Unleashed™. Formulated with natural ingredients, ORS products provide complete nourishment to hair and scalp to help restore and repair damaged hair. The Olive Oil range contains the naturally-extracted pure olive oil, which moisturizes scalp, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth. The hair relaxer system which is one of the worlds leading brand, works wonders through your hair and helps relax and maintain them the natural way. The Olive oil edge control gel ensures that the hair that grow out are maintained staright to give an overall neat look. It is natures secret to healthy and beautiful hair.


Curls Unleashed™ line of products helps to maintain and style natural curls. Available in three variants – Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil, these Essential Oils offers rejuvenating and moisturizing properties for healthy and radiant hair. Lastly, the Natural Hair Care Range from ORS is developed from botanical ingredients to address hair and scalp problems.