Cwikwin revolutionizes corporate marketing

Shereen Shabnam


Digital media is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums in the Middle East and within that; Mobile Marketing is gaining particular focus due to the rapid adoption of Smartphones across the world. People use it not only for communication and gaming but also for shopping, entertainment, sharing, researching and managing utility needs anytime of the day or night.


We recently had a quick preview of how digital marketing is getting with Cwikwin, an online platform and a mobile app that lets users win prizes just by answering a few questions about the brand.


Who is using it?
Jumbo Electronics,, Sony, Masafi, Zomato and Aster Healthcare are just a few of the companies with giveaways through Cwikwin. Prizes range from iPhones, Smartphones, Wallet Cash, Gift Vouchers, Dine-in- Vouchers and Event Tickets among others.


How does it work?
Cwikwin also allows users to redeem prizes by collecting points. Points can be collected by signing up and updating profile, answering questions correctly in contests, answering surveys, sharing on social media and referrals. It allows users to redeem gifts worth between AED 20 to AED 2500. During the past 24 months, the Cwikwin team has successfully given away over AED 100,000 worth of free prizes to its users. The winners of these special prizes are selected by a randomized algorithm who receive an email containing a code they redeem to receive their prize or these are prizes redeemed against loyalty points. Cwikwin — which has attracted 100,000 users and shown over 200 Contests since its launch has secured US$ 1 Million in funding till date. Ever since Cwikwin was launched, the brand engagement platform has grown four times with its registered user base in the last six months and is growing at over 15% month on month currently.


What are the founders saying?
According to Kishore Chand, Co-Founder of Cwikwin, it has been two years since they launched in this market as a hub for brands and users to engage in a fun and entertaining way. Cwikwin provides a direct solution to a constant business dilemma – how to generate new consumer interest and easily get the product directly in their hands. With two years in business, the online and mobile app has been revamped based on feedback from our users and brands which allows for more engagement. The new look and feel will help brands to kick start a relationship with people by giving them free stuff.


With the digital revolution gaining pace in Asia, Cwikwin aims to expand its presence in India and South East Asia by the end of 2016.