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Filorga launches Optim-Eyes Lotion and Optim-Eyes Patch

The visibly effective fatigue fighting eye-care products from Filorga


The Eye Contour is the most expressive part of the face, the one that captivates everyone’s attention. But alas, this is also an area of concern for most women. The skin in the eye area is 20 times thinner compared to the rest of the face there is a lower quantity of support fibres (collagen and elastin) and epidermal lipids in this zone, making it more prone to wrinkles and dehydration. Taking these factors into account, the eye contour is considered a high-risk area which is closely monitored by women: “wrinkles and fine lines”, “dark circles and puffiness”, and “the fatigued look” are at the top of the list of things women wish to improve on their face. The Eye Contour is undoubtedly a vital sign of one’s youth, which is why Filorga developed Optim Eyes years ago.


Today, based on OPTIM-EYES®, its famous eye-care product, FILORGA has developed a comprehensive routine which helps simultaneously eliminate puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, dehydration and even sparse eyelashes. These products and formulas are tailored to fight fatigue in all its forms and aspects.


Optim-Eyes Lotion

OPTIM-EYES LOTION® Eye Make-up remover-Serum3 is the first-ever three-stage hybrid lotion, which acts as a make-up remover, moisturising serum and a de-stressing agent, whilst also strengthening and adding shine to your eyelashes. It revitalises, moisturises and reduces wrinkles.


With its de-stressing, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness action along with its eyelash strengthening and 12-hour moisturising effects, OPTIM-EYES LOTION® takes eye care to a whole new level.


OPTIM-EYES LOTION® integrates a complex two-stage OleoClean process that is not only extremely effective but also gentle for the eye contour area. Its oily stage contains some mild cleansing agents that instantly remove all traces of makeup, even waterproof formulas. Its aqueous solution delivers a stimulating and fresh feeling.


12 Hour Moisturisation:

The bio-friendly moisturising agent, which has both absorbent and lipophilic properties, provides the serum a unique ability to retain water and lipids simultaneously. This intense moisturisation effect of the serum immediately transforms the skin with long-lasting effects which can be felt even after 12 hours, following use.


Instant Revitalising Effect: The cutting edge Tetrapeptide contained in the lotion is known for its anti-puffiness and anti-aging properties. This high-performance component has an anti-glycation action and also inhibits vascular permeability, thus preventing sagging of the skin and reducing the appearance of dark circles.


Eyelash Strengthening: The component Biochanin A contained in the lotion, helps in maximising the growth of the eyelashes by restoring eyelashes growth stage. Stimulated with a tetrapetide 3, it boosts the synthesis of different proteins for stronger eyelash roots (collagen III, laminin, etc.) in order to prevent premature loss.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply in the morning and/or evening using cotton. Shake well before use. Do not rinse. For external use. Pat the skin around eyes to let the phase serum soak in after the application.


Price: 140 AED


Available at Bin Sina , Boots , Supercare , Healthfirst pharmacies


Optim-Eyes Patch

Triple action eye patches that visibly rejuvenate the eye contour in 15 minutes, which have made their comeback in brand new individual packaging, to de-stress, moisturise and enhance your look.


Visibly Reduce Dark Circles: These patches act like an actual eraser for dark circles by restructuring and improving the blood capillary network through vitamin PP supplements. The micro-circulation helps in boosting blood circulation, which ultimately helps in rapid fading of dark circles. Thanks to this boost in the blood circulation, dark circles fade away faster: they are reduced by 29.3% in less than a month’s use.


Eliminate Puffiness: Two active ingredients work in unison to unclog the skin.

The cornflower water present in the patches helps in delivering a soothing effect and also acts an astringent, which works to tighten the skin and control the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the capillaries in order to reduce puffiness. Its anti-clogging and anti-irritant effect is reinforced by witch-hazel extract, which has soothing and calming properties.


Proven efficacy: after using the patches for a month, puffiness reduced by 24.8%.


Instant Smoothening Effect: The patches also contain Carrageenan gel, a type of algae rich in minerals and polysaccharides, which instantly moisturises and smoothens the eye contour. It also provides an instant hydra-lift effect that is extremely comfortable on the skin. The unique, ultra-fresh and ultra-sensory texture produced by the eye patches covers the eye contour just like a second skin, without any feeling of stickiness. Its filmogenic and occlusive properties ensures better penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, thus delivering optimal results. Proven efficacy: After a month, the wrinkles on the eyelid reduced by -16.4%.


For best results the eye patches should be applied for 15 minutes once or twice per week, or just before going out to reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue in a flash.


Price : 235 AED Contains 8 pairs of patches .


Available at Bin Sina, Boots, Supercare, Healthfist pharmacies.