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Semi Permanent Make-up with Chloe Walsh

** Keep Your Face Flawless 24/7 **


Imagine waking up in the morning with your eye and lip make-up applied perfectly. Or relaxing poolside with your eyeliner on point with no panda eyes to be seen. No, you are not in the middle of a truly awesome dream, this is something that can actually become a reality with the experienced and fully qualified semi permanent make-up artist currently making waves in the UAE, Chloe Walsh. Chloe’s specialty is semi permanent eye and lip make-up, which she performs from two Dubai Beauty Salons, including Browz in The Mall, Jumeirah.


If you are looking to enhance your eye shape, size or colour, this treatment is a perfect option for you. It is ideal for contact lense wearers and those with poor eyesight and allergies that cause hayfever and watery eyes. This semi permanent treatment adds definition to the eyes making eyelashes appear denser or thicker and Chloe offers a wide range of colours to compliment each eye colour and enhance your eyes to your personal requirements. Whether you prefer a natural look or a thicker Latino look, Chloe caters to your individual needs with ease.


Are your lips losing their fullness or definition? The Semi Permanent lip treatment that Chloe offers her clients is perfect to retain the shape of the lips and helps to combat the signs of aging. With Chloe’s expertise, she is able to correct uneven lip shapes and make small lips look fuller and more youthful. If you want that permanent lipstick look without having to apply your favourite lipstick throughout the day, this is the treatment for you. Depending on the look you would like to achieve, you can opt for a lip liner, lip blush or those looking for a more intense look can have full lip colour, all of which come in a wide range of colours.


Semi permanent make-up (SPMU) is a form of cosmetic micro-pigmentation using computerized technology. Pharmaceutical grade pigments are applied into the upper dermis of the skin to define lips, eyes and brows using a very small needle. It is medically approved by Dubai Municipality and UK/EU regulations and it is completely safe. All of the equipment used complies with all British, European and UAE Health and Safety standards. A new single, disposable sterile needle is used for each client and disposed of for complete safety. Sterilization and hygiene is of the upmost importance before, during and after the treatment.


The treatment lasts between 12-18 months and varies depending on your age, skin exposure to UV light and lifestyle. Following an initial consultation, the whole process can take anywhere between 1-2 hours, depending on the area and how much work is to be performed. A topical numbing cream agent is used throughout the treatment to help ease any discomfort. Some clients may feel some vibrating and scratch sensations; some may feel nothing at all. In fact, semi permanent cosmetics is far more comfortable than anticipated and many clients are shocked at how relaxed they feel after the treatment.


Chloe’s attention to detail is second to none and her skills have already caught the eye of many beauty editors and high profile bloggers in the region. A true professional and perfectionist, Chloe will ensure your make-up stands the test of time.


If you wake up for make-up, Chloe’s Semi Permanent Make-Up treatments are most definitely for you. Prices start from AED 1,200 for semi permanent make-up treatments.


For more information, please visit, or keep up-to-date with her latest news on Facebook (, Instagram (@clobrowsdubai) or Twitter (@clobrowsdubai).