From the Duchess collection, a new style star is born. CH Carolina Herrera presents the Duke bag embodying the same aesthetics of the collection but with an array of surprises.


Made from refined and agile Greco leather, the bag offers a soft touch and unique quality. The zip around fastening allows for access with ease and a sleek exterior statement. Spanish steer hide is meticulously handcrafted to obtain a bold and exquisitely perfected bag surface.


A natural progression from the Duchess Collection, the Duke bag embraces the same character, but with an expanded offering of sizes and possibilities.


A versatile, smart and simple structure is complemented by the ability to customize it with a variety of metallic initials and charms, lending personality to the bag. These metallic accessories placed at the strap’s base add a decorative playful element and function to fasten further collectible charms for a unique assortment curated by the wearer.


The Duke Bag makes a style statement; available in more than 12 colors and patterns, with contrasting trims — each bag becomes an individual work of art, unique to its owner. The decorative charms offer an elegant embellishment in the playful spirit of the House, with a wide range of charms offered to create the perfect collection reflecting ones personal style.


The architectural structure of the bag, contrasted by the Greco leather’s supple malleability, lends a charming spirit of duality to the Duke Bag. A bold statement with functionality fit for everyday, the Duke bag is the perfect emblem of harmony in design.


CHoose your CHarm!