Mori Sushi has selected six summer dishes from their new healthy range menu


Mori Sushi is showing everyone some summer love with their specially selected summer dishes from the new Healthy Range Menu that is sure to add panache to your palate.


With weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine ahead of us we are all looking for our summer glow. But tanning is not the only way to do this, roll in some seasonal ingredients with their six dishes and you’ve got it!


Following this summers hottest food trends Mori Sushi has deliciously spruced salads, perfectly sliced ceviche and some fresh seafood for your protein boost. Light and fresh, healthy and scrumptious, this selection will leave you feeling cool for the summer.


Mori Sushi has put the summertime shine into sushi and freshened it up with seasonal goodness so you can savour the solstice flavours.




Seaweed salad
Fresh seaweed with Mori’s sesame sauce


Your choice of salmon, tuna or white fish with cucumber, red onion, coriander, chilli and special sour dressing


Crawfish salad
Crawfish, fresh mango and avocado (substituted with shrimp when crawfish is unavailable)


Miro Platter (NEW)
Togarashi spiced or teriyaki marinated salmon, mango, miro sauce (honey and lemon)


Sakana Maki
Salmon, shrimp, and crab sashimi rolled in salmon, served with lemon slices


Seared Shiromi
White fish, ginger, yuzu sauce and sesame