Now, more desirable than ever, a spa treatment for hair with the sensorial touch of the renewed Mythic Oil range!

Inspired by the luxuries of the Orient, only from L’Oréal Professionnel


It has been five years since L’Oréal Professionnel’s Mythic Oil was first launched, and today, the demand for natural oils as a beauty aid only continues to grow. Up to 40% of women use hair oils regularly to add shine and strength to their hair.


As the Mythic Oil brand continues to advance, the time is right for a reinvented Mythic Oil range from the pioneers in beauty research, L’Oréal Professionnel. Welcome to a new generation of Mythic Oil! The renewed Mythic Oil range offers double the natural oil concentration of any other professional product, with fairly traded Argan Oil as a major component. All 11 oils chosen for the range are known for their intensely beneficial abilities to nurture, strengthen, protect and enhance suppleness.


Mythic Oil never forgets the time-tested beauty gestures from the past. After all, its inspiration comes from 4000 years of beauty history where the power of natural active oils has created legendary results. Even today, women in this region continue to rely on traditional natural oils to deeply nourish, strengthen and add shine to hair. Mythic Oil, with its blend of oils answers this regional beauty need in a truly modern interpretation. The renewed Mythic Oil range has a strong Oriental influence, from its use of regional ingredients such as Argan Oil to its fabulous new fragrance with notes of pomegranate, Egyptian florals and Persian patchouli.


The range consists of products that deliver tailored benefits. Mythic Oil for Normal to Fine Hair contains a blend of Osmanthus and Ginger Oil in its shampoo and mask to add nourishment and vitality, while Mythic Oil for Thick Hair has a calming composition of Argan Oil and Myrrh in its shampoo, conditioner and mask to nurture and provide discipline. Mythic Oil Crème Universelle, with Argan and Almond Oils is suitable for all types of hair, and as a multi-tasking blow dry cream offers detangling effects along with long-term nourishment and heat protection of up to 230C.


Complementing the reinvented Mythic Oil range are new in-salon experiences inspired by traditional oil rituals from India. These include: Royal Bliss, a 25 minute luxurious immersion in powerful oils, Life Infusion a 15 minute premium experience of pure indulgence, and Instant Blessing, a seven-minute mini pampering session. Mythic Oil Huile Initiale, with its blend of 10% Colza and Safflower Oils, and technology of biphase Ouzo Oil provides intense nutrition and protection at the fiber core of thick hair. It is used during the in-salon treatment before shampooing, when the fiber is at is driest and therefore most able to absorb the oil.


With Mythic Oil the luxury of beautiful hair and Oriental pampering is just a treatment away.