QNET has recently launched the ‘Absolute Living’ campaign, an initiative to aggressively promote the importance of healthy living.


The concept of Absolute Living was derived from the underlying purpose of each QNET product, giving their Independent Representatives (IRs) a chance of improving their lifestyles to a more holistic and wholesome one. It aims to create awareness towards health and wellness, especially in this current day and age, where people are always on the go and are unable to focus much on maintaining their overall wellbeing.


QNET wanted Absolute Living to be a form of inspiration to all IRs to uphold a lifestyle that places importance on not just on eating healthily but to look after oneself from every aspect of one’s life.


Comprising of 4 key elements; Eat, Drink, Breathe and Feel Absolutely, this approach also intends to enrich lives, empower people to go the distance and influence their loved ones towards embarking on a similar journey.


QNET’s wide variety of products consist of natural food supplements which helps build your body’s system, air purifiers and water filtration system which protects your home from harmful elements, education and online courses to boost your personal growth and vacation packages which allows you the escape you very much deserve.


“QNET’s products and services have the overarching goal of making complete wellness accessible to all. Join us in embarking on the Absolute Living journey to discover a whole new level of health and wellness,” Trevor Kuna, Chief Marketing Officer of QNET was quoted saying at the launch of Absolute Living.