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Zenith Sets the Pace

Driven by the same spirit as daring as those pioneers who first turned Icarus’ mythical dream into reality, Zenith accompanies adventurers and enthusiasts as they take on each new challenge, whether it be on land, in the air, or even in the stratosphere. This year, the famous Swiss watchmaker sets off on a new adventure by becoming the official partner of Peter Auto. 


Recognized for the quality of the events it organizes all over Europe and for the authenticity and variety of the range of vintage automobiles that it presents in various races, the Peter Auto company has become a key player in the world of auto sport.  By becoming the official timekeeper of four renowned races: the Mugello Classic, the Spa Classic, the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or, and the Dix Mille Tours, Zenith reaffirms its core values of daring, authenticity and pleasure.


“These are extremely strong values,” emphasizes Juliette North, the Director of Marketing and Communication of the Star Logo brand, “and are very similar to those conveyed by these legendary races. It should always be remembered that the vehicles racing in such competitions are often produced one by one and hand-made, just like our mechanical watches, and require the same attention and the same meticulous approach to keep them in condition.”


As Patrick Peter himself adds: “Our events have a long tradition of partnership with the most illustrious watchmakers. I am therefore particularly honored today by the fact that a historic brand like Zenith, renowned for the precision of its chronometers and luxury watches, should join up with us for four of our European events: the Mugello Classic, the Spa Classic, the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or and the Dix Mille Tours. The expertise, the commitment and the passion that we invest in the historic competitions that we organize are mirrored by the values of Zenith, our official timekeeper.”