Fighting Acne Made Easy with Tria’s Skin Perfecting Blue Light

For some of us who aren’t blessed with clear skin, the struggle involved in battling acne is quite real. From slapping on your grandma’s home remedies to splashing on all sorts of lotions and potions, we’ve all been there and done that! Sadly enough, most of these dreaded solutions often render minimal to no results and with summer soon approaching, the problem only gets aggravated for us oily-skinned beauties. Fortunately, Tria has once again come to the rescue with their Skin Perfecting Blue Light, an acne clearing laser device, which helps you fight breakouts without undergoing the usual hassle.


The Benefits
The Skin Perfecting Blue Light is equipped with a skin sensor that allows the therapy to begin automatically by detecting your skin once it is within close proximity to the device. This ensures that the system is operated only to the extent it is being used, making it even more travel friendly. The blue light emitted from the device contains strong light energy that is capable of destroying acne-causing bacteria at the source, quickly and effectively leaving you with a clear and radiant complexion. The system also has no harsh side effects, thereby making it perfect for daily use at home. Using the device is made even simpler with a digital interface at the base that provides you a feedback on the amount of light that is being pulsed on to the skin.


Increased Effectiveness
Compared to other similar devices, Tria’s patented blue light is touted to deliver 8 times more bacteria destroying light energy, thus making it one of the most effective acne treating products available in the market. The price point of the product is also fair considering how you won’t be frequently visiting the dermatologist or purchasing acne medications anymore. Effective, powerful and safe are just some of the positive reviews the product has received so far, thereby making it an essential for combating breakouts.
For the best results within as short as 2 weeks, it is recommended to use the product daily on the affected area for 5 minutes.


The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light is available at Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and and is priced at AED 1950. For more information please visit