Healthy Holidays at SHA Wellness Clinic

In celebration of Eid El Fitr, SHA Wellness Clinic is offering an extensive array of special health programs and holistic healing treatments to suit all needs after the fasting period. Embark on a soothing journey to experience the most transformational treatments within a tranquil setting, surrounded by the relaxing Mediterranean Sea. Immerse in the amazing natural environment of Sierra Helada Park and soak up the pleasant temperature of the region’s own microclimate, considered by the World Health Organization to be one of the most favorable places for health.


At SHA, health isn’t just the absence of illness; it’s more of an overall state of good physical and mental health, ideal weight and vitality achieved thanks to the 360º health approach.


SHA’s Healthy Nutrition – SHA offers specific personalized diets that perfectly adapt to their guests’ needs. The SHA food pyramid upholds recommendations from the WHO and to a great extent is in line with what the Harvard University of Medicine proposed as being the most suitable diet for humans.


Among the three menus of SHA (Kushi, Biolight and SHA Menu) the Kushi Menu is the most restrictive one, specially designed for those whose main objective is to loose weight or to intensively detoxify the organism.


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Bioenergetic treatment that helps the process of detoxification, oxygenation and regeneration of the body. The drainage is performed using glass bells through a controlled suction technique and the use of combinations of essential oils, working on the energetic meridians of the body stimulating the metabolism and increasing the purification processes.


This brand new treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic is carried out through the application of ozone molecules in the blood stream, providing vitality, energy and a great sense of well being while rejuvenating the body, improving immune systems, and providing other multiple health benefits.


If you are looking to promote self-healing of your body, Serotherapy is the answer. Via intravenous administration, this treatment promotes self-healing of the body through a custom serum created from a selection of vitamins, trace elements and natural biological agents according to specific needs. This natural biological serum makes you skinnier, betters your skin, and improves the health of your hair and nails.


SHA’s most effective and safe method of cleansing the colon of waste material by applying a plentiful amount of water at different temperatures with controlled pressure in the intestine. SHA Wellness Clinic has been among the first centers in Spain to incorporate this natural therapy as part of its ongoing quest to provide the best treatments to improve health and wellness.


This gentle, non-invasive, light frequency treatment is as relaxing and comfortable session used to improve the drainage system by means of an electro medicinal device, in order to activate the lymph nodes and their battle against infections.