Spinach for Weight Loss and Appetite Control

Shereen Shabnam


The last three weeks has been the most disciplined I have ever been when it comes to food – partly because of trying out a new, innovative weight loss solution – Eatless which comes in handy sachets and mixed with drinks, yoghurt or any other creative ways you can think of taking spinach in powder form.


The 100% natural ‘appetite suppressing solution’ extracted from Spinach with its active ingredient of Thylakoids hopes to aid people shed their extra bodyweight. After 3 weeks of testing, I felt in terms of eating less, it was a winner. I didn’t lose much weight only because I eat less anyway but I eat very wrong sinful things. For people who gain weight because of he quantity of food, Eatless is a must try as after taking it, I was not hungry for at least 6 hours.


The best thing is, Eatless is a clinically proven natural and easy weight loss solution is easy to integrate in one’s daily eating routine without any side effects or apprehension of consuming synthetically derived products.


According to Dan Edwall, Vice President, Research & Development, Green Leaf Medical, Eatless stimulates healthy gut bacteria, satiates and curbs cravings in a completely natural manner, which is true as I did reduce the sinful stuff I normally eat.


At the launch, Dr. Salah Abusnana, Chief Medical Officer, Rashid Centre for Diabetes & Research talked about negative consequences of obesity and the importance for everyone to champion the belief that a healthy body is most important for one’s overall wellbeing.


Peter Ekstedt, CEO, Swedish Health reiterated that Eatless reduces the urge to overeat on a regular basis, effectively lowering your body weight over a period of time, leading to a healthier and well maintained lifestyle.


The UAE is ranked 16th worldwide, with 19% of the UAE population living with diabetes.
These statistics indicate that the region has high risk factors for diabetes, mostly related to rising obesity rates and physical inactivity .


The benefits of Eatless, based on Thylakoids from spinach, are demonstrated through clinical studies carried out at Lund University, Sweden which is one of the leading nutritional research universities in the world of high repute.


Long term, I believe this would certainly make an impact. For me, the last 3 weeks got me eating more yoghurt and drinking more smoothies which is certainly a step in the right direction.