Driving in Ramadan

Shereen Shabnam


After a few near misses on the road last night heading to Abu Dhabi, I find myself once again writing about the virtues of patience and goodwill this Ramadan.


Accepting that our blood sugar levels are low and some of us have spent way longer in the Ramadan tents the night before makes it even more important to be aware and alert while driving.


Remember even if you live by the correct principals of Ramadan where after breaking fast with friends and family and Tarawih prayers, you go to bed and wake up for suhoor as is Sunnah, most other people are not that disciplined.


Most of the young people have virtually no sleep, get to work half asleep driving dangerously and are not productive at work which makes them irritable leading to even more drama on the road. Here’s how you can enjoy Ramadan and achieve the calmness and serenity associated with this special month:


Ramadan routine:
• Break fast with dates, light snacks and laban/water or fresh juices and pray maghrib. Praying on a heavy stomach is uncomfortable so it its best to leave the heavy meal post maghrib prayers.
• Have a medium sized meal with friends and family and head to tarawih prayers – it is the perfect time to bond over a meal and sharing time being spiritual
• It is best to have some water after tarawih and get at least 5 hours of sleep before sahoor. This will help you stay alert on the road.
• Keep water in the car to drink before and after tarawih to stay alert and hydrated.
• Get up for sahoor and try and do light exercise and rest after Fajr prayers so you are not fatigued driving on the way to work.


On the road
• Always remember that not everyone on the road is alert and well planned like yourself so stay aware of other drivers
• Always wear a seat belt and use indicators and leave well ahead of the normal commute time.
• Keep a safe distance from other cars and take breaks if driving long distance
• Stay calm on the road – keep a bottle of water and dates to break fast in case you are running late.


Safe driving!