Cannes Highlights

An endless story of cinema and stars…


Cannes behind the scenes
“Drinking, flirting, and dancing my nights away, and watching films the rest of the time. Enjoying every moment, sure of myself or hiding away, full of doubts… For 2 weeks in Cannes, the cinema rules the world… With my back to the audience, I was trembling with emotion… I still tremble at the memory.” Jeanne Moreau, in Cannes Memories préface (1939-2002)


There were some celebrities or stars that made it all the way to Cannes, just for one night, all dressed up and pampered, in order to climb the 65th festival stairs… I wondered if that was only the social media’s call, the show off assault, the wanna-be famous urge, or the ego boost thanks to the photographers’ unavoidable shots…


The stairs syndrome; new labeled dress, customized jewelry, perfect makeup… just like making it up for an in-the shadow-year during one night, at the peak of Cannes’ stairs, edge of glory… before taking off the plane to a usual destination in jeans and tennis shoes, and landing… down to Earth.


Still, farther than the red carpet stairs’ syndrome at Le Festival de Cannes, things can be seen from a different angle, from a more merciful, understanding perspective… who knows… Who knows what those stairs stand for in each and everyone who climbs up them?


Cannes’ stairs might mean topping the world, making it up for oneself. They’re an ode to self-confidence, to eternal beauty that defies one’s age, to the strength of going up despite life’s hard hits at times, to hold one’s head up high, in response to embarrassments encountered along the way, to make one’s way, step by step, up to the edge of inner glory… and, only then, look the photographers’ lenses in the eye with a graceful smile and a determined gaze just as if to say: “I made it. I made it up for myself. Up to here…”


In fact, beyond the cameras, back to the essence of every movie, everyone has a different story, far from the spotlight.


Everyone has a life full of downs… and ups, to one’s very own top of stairs…


Everyone has their own something deep inside, as far from the cams as Le Festival de Cannes is an artistic shelter, far from the whole universe, and yet, focal point of the whole world.


The stairs of life are made of pain and of laughter. They are year after year “gone with the wind,” with the Southern wind of the French Riviera seaside… Walking the red carpet, climbing Le Festival de Cannes’ stairs is an artistic, yet living cause. It’s a matter of being part of the legend of life, of the myth of existence. It’s a matter of saying: “I owe it… to you, to us… I owe it to myself. I am… now.”


Up there, Cannes –close and personal
It’s always a stargaze atmosphere at Cannes. Never has the festival’s power of magic faded away. Each and every edition, everything remains as is: legendary.


Stars from all over the world gather around the crème de la crème selection of movies, and this year, at the Cannes 69th festival, there was no exception. What characterized this year’s edition was mainly the wide selection of thematic movies. It’s true that the big screens always reflect the world’s happenings, still, this time, it felt like the sparkling bubble had room for every voice to be heard; freedom, humanism, difference, politics… even cannibalism was on the plate. A fine selection of various delectable meals and still, Cannes festival still tops the world’s mythical cinema legendary story.


A sacred place
Sacred because of the many prayers of the directors before the final selection, of the many wishes of the people waiting outside the palais door, hoping to get one ticket for the screening, of the stars’ heartbeat before stepping forward with eyes blinking at the paparazzi’s cams, making their way in and up to the stairs, before ending their day on the endless white sands of the Côte d’Azur.


La montée des marches
It is frenchy. As French as could be. Because Cannes’ red carpet and stairs is an ode to elegance, chic, glamour, sparkling souls, hopeful eyes, and unfading smiles. Cannes is the place to be. Whoever steps up on Cannes stairs finds joy in being, in living a dream for one second, one moment in time, one hymn for oneself.


Cannes, the city
The city itself is legendary. Be it with its old port that opens up a dreamy door for every wanderer, or with its multitude of restaurants by the sea that offer an exquisite taste of everywhere, or with the Croisette, the Promenade des Anglais that calls out for tourists with an Italiano taste of gelato, or with the Suquet monument that crowns the city.


What’s more, during the festival, Cannes itself turns into a whole cinematic experience, a cinema museum. Cameras are everywhere, and all around the festival, one could spot the stars handprints… Prints of fame.


Get n feel
No matter how much we describe Cannes as is, one would always miss that get n feel live experience there. Leaving Cannes every year after the festival always feels like skipping a beat.


For a part of the cinema lovers will always remain on the stairs of the city, somewhere between paparazzi’s red carpet shots and tiny old restaurants where every smell feels like home and tastes like heaven.