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Jacob & Co. debuts at Baselworld the Astronomia Clarity, a sapphire case unveiling the precious Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon, the iconic manufacture movement of the brand.


Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon – the Master Stroke


While all traditional watch movements are engineered horizontally, in 2014 Jacob & Co. revolutionized the watchmaking industry by presenting the Astronomia Grand Complication, the first Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon vertically built.


This impressive tridimensional movement captures the heart of watch-lovers through a mesmerizing ballet of the four satellites in constant motion:

1st satellite: Gravitational tourbillon cage rotating on 3 axes:
ï 1st Axis – 60 seconds,
ï 2nd Axis – 5 minutes,
ï 3rd Axis – central axis in 20 minutes


2nd satellite: Hours, minutes dial rotating in 20 minutes on the central axis, equipped with a patented differential
gears system;


3rd satellite: 288 faceted “Jacob-cut” spherical diamond rotating in 60 seconds on itself and in 20 minutes; 4th satellite: Magnesium globe hand-painted rotating in 60 seconds on itself and in 20 minutes.
The exploration of the Astronomia cosmos


To enhance the delicately crafted and massively engineered Astronomia tridimensional movement, the development of a sapphire Clarity case established itself as an evident and yet ambitious initiative.


The sapphire of the Astronomia Clarity is crystalized using the Kyropoulos method to reach the highest purity. Extreme care and unique tools were specially developed to shape the sapphire. Indeed, only a diamond tool is capable of sculpting the Astronomia Clarity sapphire case and barrel bridge. The finest craftsmen were employed to finish the 16.9° beveled edge and to polish the internal cones which requires a minimum of 30 hours to complete.


The Clarity

This special Astronomia collection wears the name of Clarity: “clarity” as the state or quality of being clear and transparent to the eye. Completed with a double anti-reflective treatment, the dome shaped crystal top, back and barrel bridge play with the highest level of transparency, offering a 360° panorama of the Gravitational Astronomia movement.


The development of the Astronomia Clarity was started 15 months ago and is presented this year at Baselworld in 2 versions: a rose gold, and a white gold set with baguette diamonds.