And the Palme d’Or goes to… ‘I, Daniel Blake’ by Ken Loach

After receiving his second Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2016, Ken Loach stated that his film: ‘I, Daniel Blake’ accuses a minority of people who gets rich in a shameless way.’ To him, cinema is disclosure.


Not only did Ken Loach’s film shake the audience all the way long. It kept a cruel yet real aspect and feel of reality on screens. It hit us in the face. It spoke to us in the face. How? Through Ken Loach’s daily detailed-oriented plot. Things we say, words we feel, emotions we share, memories we disclose, actions we hide… The human race in all its weakness, splendor, crystallization, laughter, tears, and fears. Everything lights up the screens at Cannes Film Festival’s showing, as simple as ‘I, Daniel Blake.’ On the walls of freedom, throughout the daily suffering of human kind reduced to bills and CVs, one’s urge for living challenges every single breath one takes… until he breaks… An unbreakable ode to human kind, an irreproachable denunciation of injustice and cruelty. Ken Loach puts humanity on screens. His accurate lenses cut deep. And the wound cannot be healed… unless the audience reacts. And it reacted. A ten-minute standing ovation at the Palme d’Or screening. A well-earned placement. Thank you Daniel Blake, for reminding us how unhuman is the world we live in, and thank you for pushing us forward to take action… until our last breath. Long live cinema.


By Marie-Christine Tayah
Editor In Chief