My mother’s wedding- Tamar Rudoy

Far from the family center, a teenage girl keeps it up. She keeps it all up actually; herself, from sunset till dawn. Dancing her nights away, she vanishes into the sound of music and lies her sorrows on pills and pillows. Only a dog to keep her company. She is lonely but hides it well behind her black clothes that shut the world away. On her way to her mom’s wedding, she encounters a new ‘friend,’ someone she relies on for a makeup makeover before she hits reality and her own family’s joy strikes her back in the face. ‘Congratulations,’ she hears people telling her… which overwhelms her to the point that she finds herself back in the bathroom, vomiting her deception, fear, and sadness out… and leaves her mom’s home, empty. When she goes to the makeup artist, after her cold confrontation with her mother on the latter’s wedding day, she is nothing but a vulnerable little teenage girl who abandons herself to the sweet hands of another woman who gently removes her makeup off… Could the hand of a mother on a girl’s cheeks ever be replaced?


By Marie-Christine Tayah
Editor In Chief


What is the message this movie conveys?
It’s simply the story of a girl who goes through her teenage crisis. I wanted to reflect the inner turmoil she encounters and passes through while she is facing a main event in her life, which is her mom’s wedding.


What does who on screens when it comes to the person’s character?
The girl shows that she’s fine, sure of herself and able to go on with her life. In fact, she is not happy at all, hides her fragility and lives the life of a teenager who lets herself go.