Decorado -Alberto Vazquez

By Marie-Christine Tayah
Editor In Chief


He showed us what we already know. He described what is already there, in our subconscious mind. Life is farther that what is happening to us on a daily basis… It is this unlimited ‘unreal’ sequences happening to us, on a continuous basis. And we go on. We go on being our own spectators, our own actors, our own creators. Creators of our destiny and the destiny of the people we connect with. Life is a stage, a big theater, where everything happens. For a reason. The reason to exist, to feel happy, or seem happy to everybody else who is surrounding us…


All these images are brought together in an amazing mesmerizing animated technique that moves us from real to unreal and we become spectators of our own lives, for a short movie, a short period of time…


What could you say about the animation genre?
Be it animation, fiction, or documentary, or any other genre, for me it is the same. Personally, I work in the animation field; my career is based on animation.


Is it your first time in Cannes?
Yes, it’s my first time at Cannes Film Festival. I travel a lot for animation festivals though. Last year, I traveled to Saint Sebastian where I presented a feature film.


Do you have other occupations you focus on?
Well, ten years ago, I published comics in France. Still, cinema is my arena and I’m glad to be part of the official selection within the animation category.