Find the perfect Father’s Day gift this month at INTERSECT BY LEXUS

Crafted for Lexus, Crafted for Life


Are you searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Look no further than INTERSECT BY LEXUS this month, as the exclusive Crafted for Lexus collection has a selection of handcrafted, uniquely designed pieces, which would be ideal for any doting Dad.


Each item in the collection features the work of world-renowned designers who have showcased their design innovation and talent on a global platform, with the ethos of a collection rooted in a love for design and a pride in craft and detail. Choose from a selection of different luxury lifestyle pieces, like the Sashiki hand-made fedora hats, or the Kaneko Optical sunglasses, both great additions to the hot summer months. Also the creative and eco-friendly Sphelar Power hand-held light is just right for the tech savvy Dad.


SASHIKI Lifestyle Fashion Hat

Aki Sashiki has become famous for her meticulously detail and signature hand-woven fedora hats, that she painstakingly creates in her small studio in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. She decided to become a hat maker because, “it has an element of craft making, and I can finish them with my own hands,” she says as the shelves in her shop are lined with original hats all made from straw, raffia and woven paper blades. “I don’t think with my head, but the natural shape just emerges as I move my hands,” she explains her process as almost natural. For the Crafted For Lexus collection she created a gray paper blade fedora and a raffia hat, each made my hand in her small studio, taking time and pride in her delicate craft.


SPHELAR POWER Stylish Sun-Powered Hand Held Light

Available in Silver, Navy, Green, Copper, Sphelar Power produces unique, sphere-shaped solar batteries, which are able to absorb more light than flat batteries and offer greater flexibility when installed on glass or curved surfaces, and represent a huge advance for safe, environment-friendly solar energy. For the Crafted For Lexus collection, Sphelar Power created the Sphelar Stick which always solar batteries to be a part of everyday life with this eco-friendly innovation, that is both light and durable, and finished with an original leather strap from Brooklyn Museum. Like Lexus, the Sphelar Stick combines advanced technology and old-world craftsmanship, with many steps in the production process done by hand.


KANEKO OPTICAL Hand-made sunglasses with charcoal finish

Established in 1958, Kaneko Optical’s premium eyeglass factory is located in Japan’s eyewear capital of Sabae, in the Fukui Prefecture. The sunglasses made exclusively for the Crafted For Lexus collection feature original Kaneko material, which is acetate with added fine powder of high-grade Binchotan oak charcoal. Slow and meticulous polishing creates a deep texture that feels like tortoiseshell. The lenses of these sunglasses are ideal for driving, as they help temper the brightness and color of the surroundings. Kaneko Optical is the only independent integrated manufacturer in the city to continue traditional craftsmanship.