Discovering the land of the Rising Sun

-this September join The World at her Feet on a journey to Japan –


Japan, the name itself exudes romance of beautifully clad Geishas, Samurai warriors and gorgeous cherry blossom gardens. At every whisper, Japan radiates its exquisite kimonos, imperial palaces, magnificent temples and dreamy history of emperors and empresses buried within its over 3000 years of history. This Eid Al Adha, join the women’s journey as they depart on 9th September 2016 to explore the land of the rising sun. The World at her Feet, a women travel consultancy, is set to travel across 4 Japanese cities including Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo and Mount Fuji on this 8days/7nights for a once in a lifetime exploration of Japan. A journey like to other the women will tour Dotonbori, the restaurant mecca, where they can sample fugu (poisonous puffer fish) and tacoyaki (octopus balls), ride a majestic replica pirate ship across Lake Ashinoko, a lake formed by a volcanic eruption 3000 years ago, and ride Hakone Tozan ‘switchback train’ as it zig zags though the mountains with a breathtaking view of its surrounding valleys.


For AED 12,555 on twin sharing basis with daily breakfast the price includes meals, private tours with English speaking guide, transportation fees, private cooking class and entrances to various excursions, bullet train ticket, an evening walk in Geisha district and airport transfers.


An island nation, Japan is a contradiction between modernism and heritage as high-rise skyscrapers and neon lights fill modern cities like Tokyo and its here where the world continues to be mesmerized by the land, the people and the culture. The tour will explore Ginza, Tokyo’s most famous high-end shopping, dining and entertainment district then journey to the famous Tokyo Tower, completed in 1958 as a symbol for Japan’s rebirth as a major economic power. A stop at the Memorial Park in Central Hiroshima followed by a sail to Miyajima Island, the famous wooded island located in the Inland Sea near Hiroshima. With an English-speaking tour guide the women will visit fascinating city of Kyoto, Mount Fuji and Kinkakuji also known as ‘Golden Pavilion Temple’. Enjoy a stroll in the Geisha District of Gion is followed by a Japanese cooking class before viewing the kimono fashion show.


Since its inception in 2013, the company has organised female-friendly travel experiences, taking women around the world for sightseeing, shopping and culinary tours. The group’s objective is to continue to empower women who love to travel but are intimidated of being completely alone. As the women travel group journeys across the world, new lifelong friendships are formed and memories created along the way. The World at her Feet captures the spirit of women explorers offering them adventure, culture, cuisine and art at every destination. Bookings for Japan and all future trips are now open visit or write to