ICEQUEEN Ramadan offer

Ramadan offers at ICEQueen Wellness


Don’t miss 50% off during Holy month of Ramadan on Hydromassage and Cryotherapy in physiotherapy center ICEQUEEN. Course of cryotherapy especially when combined with a course of hydro massage is great way to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and tighten the skin. t’s very efficient to reduce the weight as it normalizes body metabolic processes. Plus it’ll boost your energy and revive you after this hot outside temperature, it also normalizes your immune system & is a natural stress relief therapy! And the benefits for sportsmen are cryotherapy helps to regain strength & recover after training or competition, plus it speeds up regeneration process after traumas!


Combination of hydromassage and cryotherapy is just 360 AED for two therapies for 1st opening treatment.


Following treatments consisting of hydromassage and cryotherapy costs 450 per two therapies instead of normal price of 750 AED.


And package leading to visceral fat lost 10 hydromassages plus 10 cryotherapies (5-6 kgs of this stubborn fat will be lost provided you do this therapies regularly every other day) is just 3600 AED instead of normal price of 7500 AED.