Infiniti sole automotive partner of Arab Luxury World 2016

Shereen Shabnam


Other than their tactical partnership, we also enjoy the talks of Infiniti executives who eloquently speak on various trends and industry topics in the region – always informative and always with information that adds value to the luxury segment.


This year, headlining the opening panel on the first day was Juergen Schmitz, Managing Director, Infiniti Middle East. Discussing his views during the opening panel on ‘The New Norm’ which seeks to identify how the luxury landscape in the region is changing; Juergen and his esteemed panelists focused on specifics that included market trends, sector outlooks and areas of opportunity.


‘Digital Strategy’ was a hot topic in lieu of the constant changes in the regional media landscape and how brands successfully deploy the use of digital within their business.


The charming and charismatic, Francesca Ciaudano, Deputy GM, Marketing and Public Relations shared her thoughts on how digital has transformed the manner in which brands engage with customers. What was also highlighted is the importance of having a multi-platform approach to digital engagement as well as the various tools to measure and deliver a strong ROI.


The second day featured Karsten Jankowski, Senior Manager – Marketing who participated in a session on ‘Millenials’ seeking to identify how luxury brands need to approach marketing to them. Key insights shared were how brands need to have a more focused approach in terms of their strategy while also paying special attention to adding emotional and aspirational value to millennial focused campaigns in order to be more effective.


Arab Luxury World is a two-day conference, by Mediaquest that we all look forward to and when it comes to luxury.


After all the event brings together over 600 high-profile individuals from across the luxury industry, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, financial sector players and fashion designers, in addition to decision makers and consumers from the region and beyond.



After writing about the luxury lifestyle segment for over 15 years, I always admire brands that bring innovation to the fore at forums and exhibitions and this is my third year where I have encountered Infiniti team in full at the Arab Luxury World conference.