Long-term agreement ensures that participants in Yas Marina Circuit’s weekly fitness programmes have access to unlimited supply of Al Ain drinking water


Yas Marina Circuit is helping fitness fans stay hydrated during its year-round community fitness events, after agreeing on a tie-up with the UAE’s leading water brand.


Yas Marina Circuit has signed a long-term partnership with the Agthia Group PJSC, the owner of Al Ain Water, so the latter can be the official supplier of water for Yas Marina Circuit weekly community fitness programmes StartYAS, TrainYAS and GoYAS.


The agreement means that with the start of the UAE’s summer months and Ramadan almost upon us, athletes running, cycling or walking the iconic F1® circuit can be confident that they will have access to a free and unlimited supply of top-quality drinking water.


Al Tareq Al Ameri, CEO of Yas Marina Circuit, said: “Yas Marina Circuit is delighted to enter into this partnership with Agthia to supply Al Ain Water to our hugely popular, ongoing community fitness programmes.


“We’re expecting more than 220,000 visits for health and fitness purposes alone in 2016, and with this new partnership we can continue to offer the high customer service and on-track enjoyment they expect from this world-class Circuit.”


The agreement between Yas Marina Circuit and Agthia Group takes place with immediate effect. Under its terms, Agthia will supply Al Ain Water drinking water for Yas Marina Circuit’s weekly health and fitness programmes, which includes StartYAS on Sundays, GoYAS (accessible to women only) on Wednesdays, and TrainYAS on Tuesdays.


Participants in the weekly health and fitness events are expected to get access to about 1,200 cases of Al Ain Water per month – or over 345,000 bottles per year.


Yas Marina Circuit recently announced that its hours of operation during Ramadan for StartYAS and TrainYAS will remain the same, with the female-only GoYAS events changing to the new timings of 7pm to 10pm throughout the Holy Month.


In addition, Al Ain Water will support the annual TriYAS triathlon at Yas Marina Circuit, which includes a broad range of race distances for different ages and ability levels.


Fasahat Beg, EVP Consumer Business of Agthia, said “Like so many of our products, Al Ain Water plays a key part in people’s everyday lives in Abu Dhabi. Its carefully balanced mineral composition has significant health benefits, while giving Al Ain Water a unique soft and smooth taste. We are delighted to add Yas Marina Circuit to the long list of prominent Institutions and Organisations that we exclusively supply.”


Yas Marina Circuit has forged a strong partnership with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), both of which actively promote the importance of staying well hydrated during exercise.


People are advised to drink water before, during and after exercise, and to increase their intake depending on the intensity and duration of their workout, as well as the level of heat and humidity in the environment.


HAAD warns that poor hydration or low levels of body fluids can reduce or stop sweating, increasing the risk of illness including heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Al Ain Water is now the leading bottled water brand in the UAE in terms of sales volume. It was originally introduced to the market in 1990, and became part of the Agthia Group in 2004.