Jaguar MENA Reveals Part two of Its ‘Forward Thinker’ Series

Shereen Shabnam


Following the successful launch of Jaguar Middle East and North Africa’s ‘Forward Thinker’ series in 2014, the car manufacturer is kicking off the second leg of the film series with Hamad Qalam, one of Kuwait’s most prominent social media figures and influencers.


Talking about his passion and affinity for the Jaguar XE, Hamad Qalam perfectly captures Jaguar’s promise of delivering more than a driving machine by manufacturing performance cars that set your pulse racing and stir your emotions.


While driving around the city in Jaguar’s most advanced sports saloon, Hamad mentions that as the car is a place where we spend a lot of our time so we should choose something beautiful and elegant and something we like that gives us serenity, similar to the new Jaguar range.


The ‘Forward Thinkers’ film series was launched as part of Jaguar Middle East and North Africa’s ‘The Art of Performance’ platform, which aims to recognize performance that excites the senses and pushes past the limits of convention to become art.


Upcoming ‘Forward Thinkers’ films in this second series will feature MENA influencers including Anas Bukhash (UAE), Loai Naseem (KSA) Bernard Khoury (Lebanon) and Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil (Morocco).