Sculpt up for the Perfect Summer Body

Firm, smooth skin, glowing through summer


With the summer season finally upon us, we all thrive for that perfect silhouette complemented by smooth and glowing skin. To achieve the healthy glow, the skin’s natural renewal cycle needs to be optimized by providing vital nutrients while impurities and unwanted substances are effectively removed. Delivering breakthrough discoveries through a fusion of cutting-edge skincare technology with exclusive ‘aromachology’, Shiseido’s exclusive body care line is inspired by the insights of Eastern medicine to promote radiant and healthy-looking skin. Get ready to look toned and glowing through Summer with the help of Shiseido body care offering products for exfoliation, firming, anti-cellulite treatment and optimal hydration.


Aromatic Sculpting Gel
(AED320 – 200ML)

A light, cooling, non-sticky body gel that refines body contours, leaving skin feeling smooth, firm and moisturized. Shiseido’s exclusive, uplifting fragrance SLM and unique Sculpting Plant Complex work together to help activate fat breakdown and fat burn, while reducing the orange peel appearance of cellulite for smooth, toned contours.


Super Slimming Reducer
(AED310 – 200ML)

A dewy gel-cream that effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite, Shiseido’s exclusive ‘Fat Fighting System’ has been developed to reduce the accumulation of excess fat. The gel-cream maintains moisture while increasing skin’s softness


Replenishing Body Cream
(AED452 – 200ML)

A high-performance body cream specially designed to help promote skin’s natural renewal cycle for newfound vitality. The cream is formulated with a rejuvenating fresh scent and a mélange of nutrients to provide luxurious moisture and maximize the overall benefits for complete, alluring beauty. It Restores skin’s resilience for a beautifully firm body.


Refining Body Exfoliator
(AED232 – 200ML)
A high-performance body scrub that immediately provides exquisite smoothness with an exceptionally luxurious texture. It gently removes excess surface cells with specially-designed micro beads whilst refining and smoothing the skin texture. With regular scrubbing and massage, it promotes local microcirculation of the skin alongside softening and brightening uneven skin tone.