Jumeira-, Rihab-, and Villa Rotana Celebrate World Oceans Day

In partnership with Dubai Municipality and Emirates Marine Environmental Group in collaboration with the Filipino Scuba Divers in Dubai, Jumeira Rotana, Rihab Rotana and Villa Rotana took part in protecting and preserving one of the world’s most valuable resources on WORLD OCEANS DAY 2016.


About 26 colleagues from the three hotels and 15 professional divers organized underwater clean-up at the Jebel Ali Marine Sanctuary on Friday, 3rd of June 2016 from 8:30 to 11:30 am.


On the same day, around 20 rehabilitated baby turtles were released by the Emirates Marine Environmental Group. A big audience from different countries witnessed how the turtles swam freely into open water.


Mr. Ulrich Hoffmeister, General Manager of Jumeira Rotana, said: “We as a company are committed to the protection of our environment and are delighted that we as hotel teams could take part in this cause. It is great to see that this spirit runs throughout our teams and yielded such great participation.”


World Oceans Day is an annual observation to honour, help protect, appreciate and conserve the world’s oceans. By working together we can support a healthy environment as well as healthy oceans that are able to sustainably provide a habitat for billions of humans, plants and animals that depend on it every day.


Mitch Cantillana, President of Filipino Scuba Divers Club said, “We as a group always dive for a good cause. It was another great experience doing such an initiative and to be part of Rotana Hotels initiative of taking care of the environment and creatures under the sea.”


Dubai Police, Transport and Rescue Department, extended their support by providing a rescue boat during the event to ensure the safety and security of all divers.


Mr. Jeruel Aguhob, a representative from Dubai Municipality, Environment Department commented on the event, “The hours spent by the hotel colleagues to clean under the sea, planting mangroves and cleaning up the beach really a difference. We recognize the efforts and support of Jumeira Rotana, Rihab Rotana and Villa Rotana.”


The hotel colleagues collected a total of 23 bags of mixed trash from under the sea at Jebel Ali Marine Sanctuary beach.