Stay Healthy This Ramadan with LifeQode nutrient products

Ways to prepare your body for fasting


With Ramadan just around the corner, good planning will make the transition for your body a lot easier. The following are a few ways to prepare for the month of fasting.


To prepare your body gradually, start eating in moderate quantities. Conditioning yourself now will make it easier to fast.


During Ramadan, you wake up early for Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal before the fast begins. It is important start having an early breakfast from now to help your body get used to the earlier hours.


Get used to having a few main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – then you are signalling your body to be ready to have two main meals, Suhoor and Iftar during the holy month.


Take health supplements such as QNET’s three powdered food supplements under its LifeQode range which are 100% vegetarian, organic and halal. LifeQode is formulated to restore the human body balance by replenishing nutrient needs using natural food extracts. EDG3, Kenta, Berry Xtreme and Alloe V, are all made from a selection of naturally derived ingredients to provide for better health and well-being needs.


EDG3 is a patented amino acid blend, proven to effectively boost your energy level in Ramadan for all day long.


Alloe V contains high quality aloe vera gel that coats and nourishes the whole digestive tract, preventing common digestive problems that could occur during Ramadan, such as gastric, peptic ulcers.


Try doing a few fasts in the run up to Ramadan to help you adapt. This is also a great opportunity to make up for any missed fasts from last year.


Start regulating your sleep from now, because during Ramadan you will be waking up early for Suhoor. Develop now your sleeping habit, and start practicing it from now.


Prepare your menu for Iftar and Suhoor for the first seven days, list the ingredients needed, and go grocery shopping now when you are still full of energy.


If you have concerns over your ability to fast for whatever reason, now is the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. And see if it is safe for you to fast.